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I’d sooner put Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page in prison than Bill Gates.

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You forgot about

tenor (6)

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imma just leave this here…


Any of ya’ll excited for Cyberpunk 2077? What life path you guys gonna play?


We got us a thread for that


Dude. Every time I get the feeling that maybe we can all just get along and work together with mutual goals and really achieve something… I see the ugly truth… we gotta get our own island and shoot anyone who comes over uninvited, like one of those isolated tribes or something.


George Carlin said it best,

“Think of how stupid the average person is, then realise half of them are stupider than that.”


That’s an interesting puncture wound :adhesive_bandage:
@Backpackingvet What have you been doing to yourself?

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My electric bike and trying to have fun. Was going up a hill that levels out every few feet so I can do 20 up them and get a nice fun wheelie out of each about 4 times. Same going down, but I don’t do that as often. Only when I am drinking.

So I was going up and my battery was at 35% and I was only doing about 16 up the hill. I guess I am so used to it going faster and carrying me through, I expected it. It didn’t happen so I ate it, which is fine, I wear a helmet and I had a favemask on, along with sunglasses, so I k ew no one recognized me. So I went to the bottom of the hill and did it again and finished it.

I got home and looked at my leg, I had a little blood trail, but not too bad. So I go to clean it and I pushed around it and it was basically a giant popped hematoma. Gross alert. I pushed on it and my finger shock down and pushed a combo of fat and blood out. It was a lot of it. I could also see deep down, so I knew I needed at least one stitch.
so yeah. 4 hours at one ED, got pissed and went home after midnight. They still had yet to call me. I woke my wife up with my grunts of pain as I was pouring everclear on it. She made me go back to the ED. I went to a different one and was in and out in 35 minutes.

Long story short, I think I found my new desire of an electric ride.

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Woo im the 600th post. I expect the 66th one from now is an implant under a pentagram tattoo.
Also fyi, my implant survived a motorcycle crash. Hand didnt crush but I did punch the gas tank due to the force. A car turned in front of me and my bike summersaulted. Thankfully I am all about safety so my face is intact and minimal bruising.
Dent in the frame so will probably total out. Closest I will ever be to getting inside a Mercedes.

What the fuck do you call that 6 wheeled monster?
What it’s purpose ?
is that single truck twin axle on the back?
Down hill?

Never seen anything like that before.

Nice work

Made it back!

Yeah, you didn’t know I was gone. Had a lightning induced brownout on the local power grid. Smoked my PC’s power supply. At least that’s what I think went out. Pretty sure I can fix it, but for now I’m using a laptop that I only have by coincidence. Sometimes I factory restore them for a local pawnshop before resale. Good thing I had 3-4 to pick from. I hate windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

I was also running my transmitter off of a battery backup, hooked into a deepcycle marine battery, being charged by my car’s alternator. Been a fun evening of jury rigging.

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Hey there. I’m using mobile at the moment so sorry if this question is in a weird place. I just thought this would be the best place to ask.

I’m looking for a solution to my backup hard drive dilemma. You see, I have a 500GB ssd in my computer, so anything I don’t regularly use are on external hard drives (2 at home, one off site. I swap the off site one with my secondary one when it needs updating). The issue I have is when I swap my off site one, I always happen to forget a file or two. Is there an automated alternative to updating these things? Maybe a cloner or something? I’ve dug around a bit but all I can find is how to backup the PC. I’m open to better storage options if there are any. Any ideas?

There are lots of tools for syncing files, I use one called rsync it is likely not the most user friendly option. This list might help you pick something to your tastes :slight_smile: hope that helps.

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No need to apologise mate, this is the perfect place to ask such a question and the whole purpose of this thread


So, at 600+ posts, what would you think of locking this thread and opening a V2.0?

I ask because my phone insists on starting at the top of the thread and forces me to load/scroll through the whole freaking thing.

Makes perusing at work difficult.

I could do that, I didn’t realise it was an issue as mine opens at the latest.
However we would have to keep making new ones, so how does this work for you

select the Post count

Then very quickly (½ a second) scroll with the scroll bar on the right hand side

Let me know if that is a suitable work around?

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Kinda works. My phone is twitchy while trying to load all that, and my giant fat fingers are way bigger than the little slider. I got it to go to 437. If I zoom till it’s a usuable size, then it wants to side scroll.

I’m not a phone guy, desktop PC for me. But it’s bearable when at work, I’ll just roll with it.

Speaking of PC.
Found a blown fuse in my power supply from the other night.

Replaced it, and was trying to check it on the bench to see if it was going to come back. As soon as I plugged it in, one of the large heat sinked ICs blew up with considerable force, a lot of arcing, and a general shitting of my pants as I was leaned over it at the time.

I’m not sure I even want to salvage parts out of it now.