So are you guys excited for Cyberpunk2077?

I’m probably gonna get it when I have money to spare, but I’m still very hyped for the game. The gameplay looks awesome and I just love the look of the game. What are your thoughts on the game? Idk I made this post to make a fun topic.

Well, I’m gonna play some Minecraft now.

Bye :smiley:


Been keeping my eye on it… tried to talk to the CDPR guys about some kind of implant promo with the game… but zero response. Prob busy working on the game haha


My PC is crying so I sold my PS4 so I can afford a PS5 on release … but I’m PUMPED. SO glad fucking cyberpunk is coming back. I feel like the genre it hasn’t seen a peak since the 80’s/90’s


Very much yes. I’m VERY curious to see how it pans out. CDPR has gained enough of my trust over the last bunch of years that I pre-ordered instantly. It’s sad it got backed up another couple months, but if it means a more polished and solid game, then so be it.


The only reason I’m buying games between now and cyberpunk release, is to kill time until cyberpunk releases… and then they pushed the release again for another two months, to November…



Maybe a little cyber stalking is in order.

Did you try this guy maybe over LinkedIn as a professional platform, business to business

Or The FakeBook

or twitter

Totally… I have added this guy to my hunting list…



That would’ve been so cool.

I am waiting with so much anticipation and I am getting frustrated more and more with each delay, but I believe it is for good. Better later than incomplete.

They put up some digital goodies if anyone wants to grab them.



I’m looking forward to it but each delay is killing me.

That said, the comic might keep me going. Interested to read that

Y’all, what life paths are you guys gonna choose for your first play through? I’m leaning towards Corpo myself.

Def doing corpo first I think. I want bleeding edge of first playthrough

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The only thing I really care about is the fact that you can pet cats in the game

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I was already kinda interested, after all fallout 4 kinda fizzled for me. If this is a real thing, I’m definitely buying though.
And… If I see someone shooting or kicking a cat, well… Fair’s fair, right?

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Shower thought:

But 2077 is the year of the Great War in Fallout.

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What makes that even more strange, is in the classic Cyberpunk 2020 lore Arasaka get’s nuclear bombed by Millitech.

Damn, I’m gonna hafta learn a whole new backstory, aren’t I?

You’re going to have to absorb a new realm.

A CDPR x DangerousThings promo would be incredible. Shame they never got back to you