The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Sad to hear mate. Hope you can sort it out soon and are able to start some new crazy projects!

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So are you planning to stay active on the forum or go dark for awhile? Even if you’re not actively stabbing yourself full of the latest technology, your presence is valued.

And while I’m thinking of it.
Get an avatar. The plain blue R is kinda tripping me out.


:100: %

Totally, Bring back laughing man…everytime I see it, I think @anon3825968

Anything else would be



I agree aswell

Everyone’s avatars become a part of their identity to me… and I miss seeing the laughing man


Indeed, I love Archer ( waitng to binge the new season)
When I see the pirate virus

and I even have a T-Shirt with it printed on it

I still think @Eriequiet

@ODaily is his Siamese fighting fish. etc.
although it should be Germaine


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When I see @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha I think of

and try to figure out if “Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha” is an initialism for something?
or just a throw away account when he first set it up, thinking he may or may not hang around, so why commit?
Which he does, and he has…always watching what’s going on. always lurking in the shadows,

Yep that’s right @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha I’m watching you, watching us :wink:

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It’s interesting how the avatar becomes the person, without regard to what the avatar is.

I don’t actually know what the laughing man is.

I’ve never watched Archer, so “pirate virus” means nothing to me. That’s just Eriequiet.

Moonman0922 has a coat of arms, but I ALWAYS see a slightly startled green and white version of hobbes from calvin and hobbes. But that’s just Moonman if you know what I mean.

Also I’m older than the internet, so I’ve actually used that avatar photo on a number of boards. Most of which, no long exist. It’s just my personal thing.

I can only hope that my avatar is identified with me but I am not considered to be my avatar.

For one thing I have never actually tried this particular whisky, and I rarely drink.

I thought it was hot sauce, so…


Actually, I just wanted a username I could use on websites while being fairly sure it would never be taken, not an initialism, but not a throwaway, just nonsense

I typed some gibberish on my keyboard a few times until I found something I liked and then committed it to memory

I have yet to find somewhere it’s been taken, so it’s serving its purpose


Anti-vaxers are a bunch of FUCK -TARDS just look at the damn stats you idiots :arrow_heading_down:

None of the cases in the current Delta outbreak who were fully vaccinated for at least two weeks before testing positive have ended up in hospital.

The Ministry of Health revealed this morning that of the 88 people who have needed hospital care so far, only one them was fully vaccinated and 15 of them had had one dose.

But when a two week gap since receiving a jab was taken into account, none of the fully vaccinated cases and only four people with one dose have been hospitalised.

That means 84 out of the 88 cases in hospital - or 95 per cent - had not had a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine more than two weeks before testing positive.


I live in FUCK-TARD central. Perhaps even the capitol of FUCK-TARDnem.

The thing that strikes me the most about them is that they will twist and bend like Neo in the matrix bullet time scenes to avoid admitting why they are against it.

Politics, fear of needles, social pressures, are all understandable and addressable. BUT>> If, they were to acknowledge the reason why, then that reason could be addressed and dealt with. The EXACT opposite of what they want.

FUCK-TARDS, indeed.

Also, 88 cases in the hospital.
Our hospitals are full. Pretty much at, or near capacity throughout the whole region.
New Zealand is awesome.


Just pointing out, lumping everybody into a single category, and demeaning them… great way to build bridges and get people to trust what you’re selling them


Fuck them…They are a single category of FUCK TARDY IDIOTS.


Must be nice having a world so black and white

There are people with rational objections to vaccines. I can sort of respect them. While there are some legit reasons, mostly it’s just ignorance. Ignorance is a thing to be cured.

The people who obstinately refuse to even consider ANYTHING in favor of virulently spewing hate and anger towards anyone or anything trying to make a positive change in a situation where people are dying. FUCK-TARDS.


Not to mention that posted blurb doesn’t mention that there are large groups of people that CANT be vaccinated at the moment… but assumption and accusations fly

Some people don¨t like it, and you know me, I’m all for accommodating people’s feelings.

Maybe if you inverted it?