The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

…to all 50 states, I think you should add.

If I order this, you’ll lose your shirt. So I won’t :slight_smile:

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I just realized my Finnish ID card had an NFC chip in it. I didn’t know because nobody uses anything else but the barcode printed on it around here. But it occurred to me that it should, since it has a contact chip.

So I presented it to TagInfo, it went beep, crashed, then the phone itself went beep, promply crashed too and rebooted. Wow! What the fuck kind of chip is in there :slight_smile:

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But does that happen EVERY time?

Results must be able to be duplicated

Yep, without fail.

Interesting, now try a different Id, and different phones

That’s my only NFC-enabled ID. Sorry :slight_smile:

But I did run it past my old Samsung phone running Android 5: TagInfo crashes there too but it doesn’t take the phone down with it - although the UI freezes solid for a few seconds and later recovers.

Interestingly, if I flash the card outside of TagInfo, it does bring up NFC shell without any problem. So I assume it’s TagInfo itself that manages to crash the phone somehow.


Hehe, thanks - that’s just the “useless knowledge” stuff I love to use for starting conversations :smile:
But to be honest… the thought of inserting a ball of wool into my private parts is not very nice. At all.

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Different strokes for different folks.

I checked out her website. She has other odd art.

Pretty sure it mentioned her being inseminated live during the rona lockdown. For art? Idk, I didn’t spend too much time reading it.

I believe this is her art site

I feel like she has a 50% chance of being cool to talk to.


I’d rate it even a bit higher, though I definitely didn’t understand all of her page. But it is art, so always worth discussing :wink:
And STELARC wrote a letter to support her, and he’s a pretty interesting guy as well I think.


Having seen some of the oversized balls of wool for making things like blankets (think watermelon sized) I can’t imagine wanting to try to put that anywhere.

But strange art can be interesting.

It’s not art, it’s just shocking people for the sake of shocking people and calling it art. Modern art in most cases isn’t about talent but showmanship, and how to extract the most money out of wealthy people with more money than taste.

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What about NFC Tools?
It not great at chip ID but it might give you something useful…

Actually, how about Biocom ?
it is made by @hoker and if it reads then great, if not, a crash report might give some insight

I’ll check it out later. Right now I’m pilled up on the couch and I ain’t going nowhere.

It is indeed - but in my opinion, that’s okay. If people are shocked, they might start to think about why they are shocked and all that, so it might lead to - more thinking. And that’s usually fine :wink:
I like art if it makes me question things, or if I react strongly to it (be it positively or negatively), for it gives me a chance to reflect my reactions and create an opinion to things I didn’t think about before…


But this all comes down to “what is art” and personally I think that is a very personal question.

Is a hyper realistic painting art? Is a photograph of the same scene? A computer generated image of the same scene? They could all be art.

For me, art is whatever anyone claims is art. But good art makes me think, or inspires a sense of wonder, or an emotional response.


Is that not a talent? :wink: I wish I had that talent.

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Because I am also an anachronist in too many ways…

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having gone to art school, It’s 100% art. Not art I like but its art.


That just makes me think of Shrek. Like the style and the fact that the song is in one of the movies.

You do :slight_smile: It’s just that you’re addressing the wrong crowd. But I’d say you’re pretty good at getting people excited enough with your stuff to make them spend their last paycheck on it. Ask most people on this here board. And just like art, implants really, REALLY aren’t first necessity items.

What you need to work on is making implants fashionable for the ultrarich. I’ve dealt with a few of those, and what they want - aside from investment vessels - is to own stuff nobody else owns.

If I were you, I’d pair up with a known artist that makes functional art of some sort - like motorized sculptures or something - to create an artwork that only powers on or does something special when one and only one implant is presented to it. The implant is unique because the artwork that goes with it is paired to it. Nobody but the rightful owner can work it. That’s bound to provide entertainment at fancy dinner parties. Auction both of them off, you and your artist partner, and see how much they fetch…

That wouldn’t take you very much effort and you might get good money and good press out of it :slight_smile: Worst case, you’ll have made worthless art.

Yeah well, by that token, I make art every morning when I hit the can… At some point, you have to pull back and apply common sense: it’s not hard to see the difference between a Monet and a Jackson Pollock.