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My buddy told me we should look into implanting this new revolutionary tech.



Is that an entry level, Dinosaur gene-splicing kit in an xSeries implant?
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Hell yeah it is!

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Now I feel bad when not using at least 2 sheets…
But how does the 3rd feel then?

Argh. Don’t do such things to my brain!

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Don’t know if it is of any interest here, so I put it in this thread - has anyone here experience with ? I think it is pretty interesting, I’m just not sure if the acquired data is of any actual use…^^

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I haven’t,
But from what I have seen, not all countries give out the same amounts of genetic information, so it is worth shopping around and checking what information you may likely receive (I THINK It was in a Netflix Docco I watched, I think it was based on CRISPR Unnatural Selection Netflix)

Nebula looks like if you have done previous tests, you can also upload your 23andMe or AncestryDNA to get a more comprehensive report?
However I am not sure if 23andMe or AncestryDNA allow you to
“Privacy First DNA Testing”
(Access technology that enables you to have full ownership and control over your genomic data.) That nebula promises.
I know this is a concern of a lot of people.
They APPEAR to focus on privacy

You can join for free, to have a look around, answer some basic Surveys, and get a free genetic report!?

Hmmmm :interrobang:

I actually joined some time ago (over a year, I think), but they were not shipping to germany in that time. By now, they offer it…
Thing is, ancestry and 23andme both sell your data, it is completely public after you do a sequencing there - at nebula, you can choose to keep it completely private or to give companies who might be interested in your data the opportunity to contact you. That was a big plus for them, at least from my side. If you fill out the surveys, you might be interesting for companies who specialise in one of those fields and they may contact you and offer to take the costs for a sequencing - none did so far, guess I’m not as special as my mom says… :sob:

What makes nebula quite interesting (aside from the privacy-thing) is that they offer a whole genome sequencing - most other companies in that field only sequence parts of your genome.
Thing is, it costs 299,- plus a fee for the “tools” to actually use the data (which is 200,- for a lifetime or 10,- per month on a yearly base)… won’t ruin me, but I’m still not so sure of what use my genome actually is for me… maybe I’m just curious^^

@Coma @Pilgrimsmaster

I am a big fan of free. I don’t need indepth looking at my DNA currently.

Here is a free semi protected way.

Edit: This is US specific

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Privacy sounds kinda okay, but the rest is very unspecific - at some time they may look at some part of your DNA, or not :wink:
Since it’s free, I would maybe look at it (if I’d live in the US), but I don’t think they’ll be sequencing the whole genome.

What I find equally interesting and scaring is the fact that they (at least nebula, dunno about the program you posted) are able to tell you if you have a high(er) risk of developing cancer and similar really bad stuff… Knowing that could save my live or just drive me nuts, not sure about that…

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Identifying polygenic traits is definitely in it’s infancy. Take that kind of genetic forecasting with a mine full of salt. You really need a large dataset and some advanced computing devices to get anything useful, and the “results” haven’t been around long enough to verify in individuals with “increased risk” for certain conditions.


@amal when? my youth is fading




Sign me up! :100:

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So much like. Now I have to replicate that vein finder I have so it can fit in a bra


I think she used leds in her corset to light up her implants.

You have a personal vein finder?

Trademark the petaboob now quick

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Yeah, you were there

Yeah, that seems about right. It might work alright on an unmodified tit, though. You just need a bright enough light. I’ll do some testing and get back to you later. I don’t have any breasts handy at the moment.


Not going to be many of those in this comunity, unless you mean breast then yeah they probably exist.

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Maybe I’ll get my implants and send them to Amal to throw some jumbo flex’s with blinkies in them for a read range of 20cm :laughing:

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