The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I am one of said wizards and I like that idea.

If I was going to get a PCB tattoo, I’d probably redesign a board from a personal project as through hole, single sided, and without a ground plane. Just to make it more personal while keeping the look of the ones you posted.

I like the idea of making a few traces Different uv colors

Or traces in two colors as if it was a double sided board and the silkscreen layer in UV ink?

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I love the design (obviously^^)!
My next scarification I’m getting in three weeks will have a similar look :wink:

I came across this and wonder if there are other DT memes around here?


There’s this: Amal's Photoshop Gallery 🖼

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It’s think it’s probably time we have a meme thread,
It’d be a riot
But we should probably lay out some ground rules before it goes off the rails… like keeping it mostly on the topic of rfid


Yeah, but.
There’s gonna be a lot of sexually provacitve Amal too. Meme’s are gonna go where they go. Might be better to just put certain things off limits. Which are pretty much already off limits on the forum. Religion, politics, hatred. We’re a well behaving bunch and when someone transgresses or pushes just a little too far, it tends to work itself out. For all else, we have discobot and Pilgrimsmaster.

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That’s kind of the least of my health problems right now to be honest.

On the subject of derailment, this article about running a Digital PDP 11 emulator on microcontrollers (like the one I’ve been using for an improved keyboard wedge) might distract me for a bit. Unix circa 1975 in a pocket format,…

Your failing memory for example. I assume you forgot to put your shoes on again and now have frostbite from the Finnish winters. :foot: :snowflake: :adhesive_bandage:

More seriously I hope you start getting better soon.

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What have I done!? Why!? I was just looking for things along the lines of this:


No Nut November!?

Blue balls causing you discomfort?

But yeah, actually This :arrow_heading_down:

Well, I couldn’t help my curious self but watch the new Implanted movie tonight. It’s packed full of misinformation about implants, but a crazy part of me actually enjoyed it tho. The scenery was cool, since I was actually walking around NYC last weekend as an implanted human. I just hope that it doesn’t lead to even more crazies that believe all the wrong shit. :wink:

Amal, did Yekas solution work for you, or did you find an alternative?

Found an alternative :slight_smile:


@amal it’s the new Implanted 2021 movie, not good for us in general but I liked it tho :wink:

I was restless at the hospital yesterday, so I went around visiting the place since I had nothing better to do, and found this really creepy poster for dental hygiene ca. 1950 or something:

If I was a young child looking at this at the dentist’s office, this reads as “Use the toothbrush like so, otherwise you’ll suddenly experience a terrible seizure, followed by projectile vomiting, and nasty blobs will form at the back of your throat and choke you to death”.

I can see how Finnish children could be terrified of the dentist back then…


Wow, that movie sounds like it’s really gonna help our cause

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