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Planescape: Torment FTW! So much nostalgia…

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I love all those little storys around the main plot - the main story is really great (and sad, and beautiful), but the amazing moments are the stones in the sennsate room (with the recorded memories), the story of Es-Annon, the girl who walked tons of planes and is afraid of portals now or the giant golem who forges the weapons of entropy.
It’s just incredibly creative and strange and unique. And the soundtrack is haunting…

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That’s so well known in the car community that people call over to factories to figure out what off brand turbos are just clones of high end ones.

I personally hate that and try to buy from the original company when possible.

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So you only buy human-cyborg implants from Dangerous Things :logo_dt_circle:



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If you drew a line down the middle of the country then yes, it would run through “the mid west”… But the far western end of it.

When looking at compass points you don’t call the direction between North and East “North West”. Can I suggest we divide the continental US into five groups, the Atlantic coast, The Pacific coast, the middle, the inland east and the inland west. Those titles are descriptive and don’t need explanations about why “the mid-west” includes so many states in the North East quadrant of the country, and none in the South.

Are you surprised that the masses are illogical? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: In case you are, I give you this. Also, we elected a deranged orange man to lead us. :man_facepalming:


It’s more complicated than just geography though

Kentucky for example is very different then Ohio

Texas is still very much “south” but it’s a very different culture than the south east

Some of the border states vary based on interpretation

Also, stuff like this you don’t get to change after 40-50 years regardless of reasons… that shits stuck lol

My only exception to all this is Florida… the tip of the peninsula, is a very different vibe… like a very tropical New York… that is NOT the south lol :joy:

I suggest forgetting direction and simplifying it even further:


I like it lol

A lot of the north bordering Midwest states are just south Canada

The east is just fiesty english

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Amal to launch a mind uploading service…

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I’m so glad we have inline Google Translate in Discourse: it’s so useful to understand posts in foreign languages:



You aren’t wrong but I don’t think it is as simple as literacy levels. The number of times I see people asking about, or blatantly ignoring things written on signs I can’t believe that they are all illiterate, they just don’t read.

For example there is a street corner with a big sign saying “no left turns” and yet about 1 time in 10 I get held up there by someone turning left.

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I agree its a mix of the two. But I’m not shocked to hear American literacy rates are so low.

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The other day I heard a newsreader saying a foreign place name and wondered just how much damage has been done to American pronunciations by the orthographical changes made by Noah Webster.

My thought was that Americans see “OW” on the end of a word and assume it should be pronounced as in cow, thus giving us Glazg -OW. Whereas people from the UK know that spellings are just vague suggestions and so pronounce it glaz-go. (Or if you are local glez-gae)

Given that the Dance troupes “The Cholmondeleys” and"The Featherstonehaughs" are pronounced “The Chumleys” and “The Fanshaws” I don’t assume that any pronunciation is straightforward.

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The one that always bothers me is Americans saying Edinburgh as “Eden-Burg”

Indeed I was born in Glesgy and raised in Embra.

One year I worked out at a golf open down the coast, on my way there I was on a bus behind some American tourists and we passed through “Musselburgh”. One of them turned to the other and said “Muscle Berg, that’s like Edin Berg, do you think they are related?” I was so tempted to say it is pronounced Borough (burra) and it means Town… But I didn’t.

Of course just to confuse things Middlesbrough spells it without the first O.

I pronounce it with a soft “O” , Chomleys, but i’m not from the UK, so now I know how to pronounce correctly thanks :+1:

Interestingly ( to me at least ) about 6 weeks ago, I drove down a “Cholmondeley Ave” and my sat nav even pronounced it “Chomley” / “Chumley” I was quietly impressed by Mrs Garmin, I was expecting a butchering of it, something like “Cha-mon-da-lay”

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I unironically got asked this on Thanksgiving.