The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

There have been a few people visit the forum from :czech_republic:, but the only current “active” one is @Thebys , so maybe he can help you out

If you don’t get any responses, I’ll have a look through my coins from my travels for one.

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I would’ve thought that coins in Europe would be somewhat intermingled. I’m over 1000 miles from either Canada or Mexico, but I still find the occasional peso or canadian dime. Or did the Euro do away with most country specific coins?

Czech Republic don’t use the Euro I believe, but yeah, no reason why a Czech coin would be found elsewhere in Europe

Kinda sorta related.
in Prague, it is quite common to find Hungarian currency, it looks very similar but is “worthless” it is a common scam used to take advantage of tourists outside currency exchanges.

A beautiful country, the locals are friendly, but this is one of many scams to be aware of.

Also, I see @Thebys replying to you

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Mostly the Euro took over, the area of Europe using the Euro is called the Eurozone. I live in the :czech_republic:, we are part of the EU, but we have not joined the Eurozone yet, thus the Czech Crown is still being used here.

Our central bank provides a nice picture here: České mince - Česká národní banka. All our coins are magnetic. Weight is from 3.6 to 9.7 grams per coin. Common coins are: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 CZK. Personally I like the 10 CZK coin from year 2000 the most:

If you want, I can surely send you some coins.


I’ll send you a message in just a second with my address, and if you’ll send me yours I can pay you back for coins and postage.

Does this look convertable to you? This seems too perfect.

@cexshun just shared that

I guess this will be pretty power hungry… maybe as a jumbo flex? flexMN v2?

EDIT: Okay so the devs of this tried to compact it and it’s not stable enough so not convertable :confused:

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Just need to vent

Been dipping my toes into airbrushing,
But I have no real means of achieving external ventilation, also Im not willing to invest heavily yet so I’ve been looking for diy spray booths

Found an absolutely perfect one on thingiverse that I could build for 20$

I found it last night and saved it to my collections

Went to download it today and it’s gone… like the listing was deleted by the author because I’ve scoured every associated tag for it

I was this close, but now the files are gone… that’s soo frustrating

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I use GrabCad quite frequently

It might be worth a look.

I think you can download without an account, however, if you need one and don’t want to set up an account, Send me the link, I’ll download the file and DM it to you here on the forum

Need some quick photoshop help?

I need something like this but with the VALSPAR replaced with the DT text logo;

and the “professional interior/exterior” part replaced with like “BIOHACKING” and the “bonding primer” replaced with “technology primer”… i don’t care if there are backgrounds used behind the text to obliterate the blueprint pattern on the can to make it easy… i’m just having problems with the damn curve and i can’t keep dinking around with it.

any help appreciated!

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This is my first go at it, I threw it together quickly. Someone else might be able to do a little better.


Sooo as much as I use and love thingiverse,

God it’s a dumpster fire

The thing I needed but didn’t download when I could have, has resurfaced (and been downloaded on 2 devices lol)

I can type in the same exact search phrase, and get a different number of results each time… no rhyme or reason…

that’s my experience with Torrent searchers… and sadly DuckDuckGo as well… :confounded:

Maybe some more curvature on the DT BG? :man_shrugging:

(Switched back to linux and had to relearn GIMP rq)

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I love this concept but prefer the capital lettering hah

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Like dis?

GIMP is kinda a pain in the ass. The curvature distorts the text which means lots of monotonous tweaking, I want to love open source but gd if Photoshop isn’t a vastly superior tool. If someone else wants to take a crack at it, I wouldn’t be offended. :+1:


All Canadian coins are magnetic

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I’m in Germany, things are going really bad right now here - lots of infections, lots of people in hospitals and all that shit. I’m actually angry that I’m never asked for “proof” of my vaccination, even in places where I should be… so we have all those rules, some of them useful, some not, but nobody who actually takes care of just taking a look at your vaccination status.
The busses are crowded as fuck, all people in there should - officially - be vaxxed or tested, but nobody checks it.


Having been sick is legally the same as being vaxxed here.

Yeah for real, best I got was: “do you have your cert?” “yeah wait a minute” “oh I dont need to see it you just have to say you have one”


I think it has a lot to do with how much is unknown, they want to push for vaccines and that’s good and well… but pushing misleading information or creating mass fear/hysteria isn’t. (Think omicron)
It would only make sense to make vaccine checks compulsory if we knew for 100% fact that being vaccinated halted the virus altogether, or that it prevented both re-infection and transmission… but the data doesn’t agree

CDC funded study ^

Creating your account and immediately posting this isn’t a great start. You say both:

as well as:

Considering fairly basic public health protection measures to be dystopian isn’t helping the divisiveness you perceive.

Vaccine mandates in times of health crises aren’t new, and they haven’t caused issues in the past. School children in the US have generally been required to be vaccinated for over 160 years now (since the 1850s).

Every event I’ve seen in my area that required vaccination, also accepted a positive antibody test as valid. Also, that point might be made moot due to the variants. The vaccine teaches your body’s immune system to specifically attack the spike protein, which applies to all known variants (although Omicron has yet to be seen, and yes, it could be an issue). Natural immunity likely isn’t as generally effective, primarily providing protection for the same strain that caused the initial infection.

Also, you say “nobody”, but that’s a point that I’ve seen almost all right-wing publications peddling for nearly a year now.

You made it political as soon as you mentioned “Really glad to be living in America rn”, while calling the rest of the world increasingly scary and dystopian. This forum is incredibly international, and a considerable number of people on this forum live in places with stronger public health protections than the US.

One problem, which came up recently in several areas, is that unvaccinated folks who get hospitalized with COVID take up unnecessary room in the ICU, potentially stopping those with severe injuries from getting the care they need. The vaccines heavily, heavily reduce hospitalizations and deaths, lightening the load on healthcare infrastructure. While you might think that vaccination should be a private decision, everyone shares hospitals with those around them, and capacity is limited.

With the vaccine being incredibly safe, there’s no real risk in mandating it.

(@Pilgrimsmaster, not sure what you want to do here, this whole chain throws the thread off-topic, and overall I’m not sure how useful/meaningful this discussion is/will be)