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you can honestly fuck right off with this.

over 5 million people have died from covid and youre here crying about how its “more like the flu” maybe try stepping outside your conservative echo chamber and realize that this is 5 million family members, loved ones, brothers/sisters/moms/dads. five million.

its clear you’ re just here to spread dangerous covid misinformation and fearmonger, and aren’t here for productive discussions on implants. i am surprised you havent been banned yet. go back to parler


Consider for a moment the reason covid seems so much less dangerous to you is because people are taking it so seriously. Spanish flu during wartime had ample ability to spread unchecked… there was a war on, no reason to worry about “the flu”. People today are working to flatten the curve, thus leaving more hospital beds open for intense treatment of those people seriously affected by it, vastly increasing their chances of survival vs dying at home. You’re simply not seeing or accounting for all the work going into keeping the impact of covid to a minimum, and instead you’re doing the opposite by indicating it’s no big deal.

You know who else talks like that? People who complain about polio vaccines because “they ain’t seen anyone with polio so why bother?” … it’s ignorant and dangerous to spread this kind of thinking.


I don’t work in a University, I work for one of the larger hospital chains in the US. Covid is very much a problem for hospital capacity, and anything that can be done to lighten that load is a good thing. If you are unvaccinated in the US I can make a good guess as to your political views, and while you seem upset about this mandate, you don’t seem to have been particularly unhappy about any of the previous mandates, so don’t claim that it is all about “Civil Liberties”. If it was you would be campaigning to change a whole bunch of current laws and procedures.

As for the 6 months, there are a lot of components to a vaccine, and in this case a lot of them don’t need to be tested. Pfizer and Moderna are both MRNA vaccines which have been researched since the 1970s. The only reason we don’t have lots of MRNA vaccines is that the earlier ones were developed for Ebola which isn’t an issue in the US so it’s been flying under the radar.
The only thing to test was the protein spike fragment, both for vaccine efficacy and detrimental side effects.

There are actually protocols in place for ending double blind trials early if the results are exceptional. In the case of Covid the results were good, the threat is significant, and the trial numbers were high.


exactly. the government regulates and legislates what we can and can’t do with our bodies all the time already. drug laws, abortion laws, helmet/seatbelt laws, lack of voluntary euthanasia, etc… no ones crying about mandates to show your “age passport” to buy alcohol or mandates to show your meningitis vaccination to go to school for an education.


Making it explicitly about Vaccine Mandates… There are vaccine mandates for all immigrants. I haven’t heard any of the anti Covid vaccine people complaining about those. Those mandates don’t require a single vaccine either they require several different vaccines.

Nah. Unfortunately there’s no pronoun identifiers on the forum, but mrln is a they.


But in English the use of He/Him is technically correct when pronouns aren’t known. Having said that… Let us all salute @mrln for all that they do.


I might just have adapted it through this forum, but when I’m not sure of the correct gender, I tend to use “they / them” anyways - but I have honestly no clue if that is considered okay or not (mind to tell me if it is, Satur9 or Mrln?). But when I’m surrounded by tons of nicknames that give me no clue of the gender (are you Mr. or Mrs. Zwack?^^) I feel I step on the least toes that way^^ It feels kinda “neutral”. It’s sad that there is no German way to do this - we have er / sie / es (like, he / she / it), but our “they” is translated to “sie”… it’s the plural version of it, but you couldn’t tell. Complicated stuff^^


They or username are the way to go in general.


Well just because it was correct doesn’t mean it still is. Language is a constantly changing construct

Yeah, totally. Most people seem to think that’s the smart way to go about it. I don’t think anyone who isn’t just looking for trouble would be upset if they were misidentified as a “they”


I wonder if there is a way in discourse to add some pronouns to this drop down field for those who would want to display pronouns next to their name… @Pilgrimsmaster


could look something like this…


since the derail happend already:
I wrote it in my profile but displaying it would be amazing!

sorry for the wrong reply @Devilclarke


My point was that use of he/him is acceptable in the language and that

He, unless it was done maliciously. I generally try and refer to people by their name to avoid confusion. If I know they prefer certain pronouns I will use those. If I don’t know then I will not be at all upset if I make a mistake and am corrected. I would also hope that my making a mistake would be both corrected and not cause offence.

Mr Zwack. Mrs Zwack is my wife :laughing:

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I have had a look in the settings, but limited results on my phone, I’ll check again when I am at a PC.


Those “title” settings are the user types (basic, regular,…) So it might not be a good idea to add other options in there.

Yeah correct, they are called Trust levels, which would cause issues, but the can’t be changed or edited anyway, they are an un-editable discourse setting

Yeah, I know :wink: Was just kidding a bit - from several users here, I know the gender, and so I’ll always address you as he / him :wink:
But funny enough, I grew up with computers being a “thing for guys only”, so I assumed for a pretty long time that most people I meet in games or forums are male - even though I was already an exception to this. To be honest, some of the gender-related discussion we had here made me more aware of this topic - thanks to y’all for that! Even if I didn’t always agree with everything (and probably never will), and even though the tone was heated up sometimes :wink:


oh well, was worth a shot :slight_smile:

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But remember…


…or a unicorn!