The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Very random “out of nowhere”, but appreciated nonetheless :+1:

Of course, a reciprocated thanks to you also, for your tireless efforts on helping to bring us new things to put under our skin AND the support you provide our community.


Yes the start and end bits would allow you to set a region of the cards memory to be read when you scan (as shown by the highlighted section on the image), the only issue would be that the stated functionality could be limited to other models in the RF IDeas range of reader\writers.
Their software offering seems quite high end - I would be quite keen to buy one of those nano waves if this sort of function was available on them…wonder how they go on gnu/linux

Only one with “Campaigner”…

I have Empathetic, but have not yet been around long enough for Devotee.

Ingenico Lane 8000

Can barely get it to accept apple pay

At the back of our yard, there’s a small wooded area with a ditch separating the property from the main road. And on the other side of the road, there’s a nature reserve.

The other day, I figured I’d partially fill the ditch with packed snow to make a sort of footbridge for me to go to the bus stop directly from my backyard instead of going all the way around. This afternoon I checked how well the snow had packed, and I was surprised to discover multiple animal tracks in the snow criss-crossing our yard and converging towards the pathway I made at the back. The animals clearly use it to go from the lake to the nature reserve across the road. I see multiple tracks of wild hares and reindeer.

I made a wildlife highway, this is so cool :slight_smile: And they all pass in front of our living room at night. I should set up an infrared camera or something.


I don’t usually want broken glass in me; but when I do, I want it to be this clean.


One man, one jar. Anyone?


Probably ought to define “bad” and “what it’s supposed to do”.

I mean, it’s just water crystals. But it could become compacted over time and become more like a chunk of ice. If it was left alone and undisturbed this would be less an issue. If you store it under a couple of frozen pizzas, then it probably gets smooshed.

Unless snow is a euphemism for cocaine, and then I’m probably outa my depth here.

Paint the landscape in wonderful white?
Change your sidewalk into a slippery road of death when compacted?
Taste like “winter” in general?

I only eat freshly fallen snow :wink:
And once it’s yellow, it’s definitely no longer good.
Other than that, and depending on your use case, I guess it’s still “good”-ish^^

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Yeah well, like @ODaily said, it totally depends on what you want to do with it - usually, snow is just lying around. I guess it’s still able to do that after 30 years in a freezer :wink:

Eat it.



Nevermind nevermind…

Can I volunteer as the control group. As such, I will not eat snow.


Too late…

For science

Good find, thanks!

So, 20% purity loss in 60 months for the refrigerated sample. Even assuming it drops to, say 5% at -20C over 60 months and my stuff started out pure (and it most certainly didn’t) I have now have 29% pure stuff. At best.

I think it’s safe to say it’s good for the trash :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying that… sigh. I seriously thought Rosco was talking about actual snow here - maybe all those images of him marching barefooted through the finnish snowlands that burned into my mind were a bit too present :rofl:


Perhaps not the best term to use with so many non native speakers on here.

Amazingly, I have no experience with illegal drugs.

But then Oregon has decriminalized possession of small quantities of all drugs. USnews article. Yet more legislation that doesn’t impact me.

Sorry I thought it was obvious. And I didn’t want to be too explicit. Yet reflecting back, it was definitely the wrong venue to ask that question regardless. So I zapped my posts.

FWIW I don’t do illegal drugs - including that particular one. This is something else. I was just curious.


While staying in London in 2018 for the accelerator program VivoKey was accepted to, we were in this place we found on Airbnb and moved a trunk in the living room to make room for kid activities and underneath was a small glass vial with some white powder and some white crystal and looking rocks as well. Luckily we found it before the kids did, tossed it in the trash. Crazy.