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the xg3 is visible quite a lot. is that because the position (nearly gripping surface, on a mussle) or what?

has anyone else glassies tat poke out this much?

Not quite but my L0 NExT is near the bone and pokes out like this when I make a fist. Don’t think it’s an issue and yeah I guess it’s because there is no fatty tissue but muscle below.

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My LF IAR has always been quite visible, but it’s gotten worse recently:

Also, I’m sure it’s moved recently too. It shouldn’t do that, since it’s coated, but I swear it’s moved forward a few millimeters at least. It was never that close to the knuckle before.


i have the same with my l0 implant but the xg3 one pokes out always, not just when i move the hand to a certain position^

Yeah your xG3 hangs out precariously there. I’d be worried to do anything heavy-duty with my hand in the workshop with that thing there.

Must be damn convenient to lift objects though :slight_smile:

Say, is it an impression or do you have small hands? Those glass implants of yours look huge on you :slight_smile:

i think i have big hands.

its a xsiid

i will make a photo of my hands next to something for scale. gimme a sec



I dont think mine poke out nearly that much.

This may seem an odd question but given the international audience…

Does anyone know where I can get a plastic Swiss army button 22mm in diameter?

I am missing one from my coat.

Army surplus would be my first place of call, They may stock them, I will check my local one for you, I know they do stock some swiss gear

@CookieMan33 and @kfmroot might be your better “local” option though…


I have sent through a query and added your image as a reference, I’ll let you know the result

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Thank you for that. I have tried military surplus stores here, but no luck.

I have found a swedish triple crown button for my swedish jacket at (although it is in gilt, not the green paint of the others). But the swiss button has eluded me so far.

Yes, I have a collection of military jackets and coats that I have picked up from second hand stores.

US Army “Ike” Jacket (1940s)
Swedish Army Jacket (1940s)
US Civil Air Patrol great coat from the 1950s (same as the USAF great coat of the same period)
French army great coat from the 1950s
And this Swiss army great coat (with liner) from I don’t know when.

I got a reply from the warehouse manager, they said to try the individual stores, so I will do that shortly.

I did notice though

They have a Swiss Condor A350 Motorcycle

Not sure if that helps? :wink:

No, but it is cool.

I tried, no luck my end sorry, they suggested ebay…

worth a try, hopefully @CookieMan33 and @kfmroot are able to sort you out

eBay and Etsy have been no use so far.

Thank you for trying.

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If you REALLY can be bothered ,you could probably take a mould and make a new one with coloured resin…

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I really would like to help you but I don’t know at the moment where I would be able to find these old buttons. If I find one I will let you know. Maybe your able to 3D print one but I don’t know how realistic the look of it would be.
Sorry if my language isen’t perfekt. I’m only 18 years old and grammar can be pretty difficult some times if it’s not your native language.


Your Grammar is perfectly understandable. Thank you for at least responding.

I will probably try casting one and see if that turns out OK. Worst case I can always just replace them all, but I’d rather not if I don’t need to.

The missing button thankfully is only there for looks.

Random note, since I don’t really have anyone else to share with:

I turned 21 about a week ago, and I’ve been rapidly trying different drinks. Wine, beer, hard seltzer, vodka, etc. I’ve been really curious for a while now to see what all I liked. I haven’t liked a single beer I’ve had though, same with wine.

I mentioned in a thread a few weeks ago that The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie, tonight I finally made a White Russian (the Dude’s favorite drink). The Kahlua needed was a bit pricy for a college student, it took me a while to convince myself to buy it.

If you’ve never had a White Russian, highly recommended. I love iced coffee, and it’s very similar. I’m super sensitive to the taste of alcohol, and it’s not bad in this (plus I can tune the amount of cream to my taste).

I bought a little bar set (Boston shaker, strainer, muddler, jigger, and bar spoon), excited to try different cocktails. It’s a little tricky to find recipes that don’t all need a specific liqueur, though. Not really feasible to have a ton of specialized bottles in a dorm. If anyone has any recommendations for drinks to try, I’d love to hear them. There’s so many that it’s hard to narrow down at all.


Dirty martini was my jam for a while

And I mean like really dirty… like almost an oz of brine

And a bar tender who used to make a group of us the beeeest martinis, you literally only put enough vermouth in, swirl it in the glass and dump… vermouth is gross you just need a dab

Additionally, if you wanna go full conisouer diva you get a couple different types of stuffed olives
Feta/blue cheese/ garlic were my go tos

Alien brain hemorrhage is a personally favorite random shot… it looks spectacular, has a “unique” texture lol… but it’s just a dressed up shot of peach schnapps

Ah, 21, the magic age at which Americans give up underage drinking.

Beer is an interesting thing (as is wine) in that the word covers a multitude of different drinks.

Personally I tend to like darker Ales, and things like Trappist beers. But you might prefer lighter ones.

Same goes for Spirits. I personally like the Smoky, Peaty Whiskies like Laphroaig. But you might prefer Gin or Vodka or…

You should check your liquor store for miniatures if you are unsure about some spirits. They cost more per ml but you will only be buying a smaller amount.

(Personally I gave up underage drinking between 16 and 18, I gradually cut back…)

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