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I noticed also, I got into the craft beer thing for a minute… it takes a minute of not liking beer to start to like it

Avoid double or triple IPAs for a while… unless you want a floral …yet refreshing… punch in the face

In my news…
I picked a terrible… (or wonderful depending on perspective)
Week to get promoted to quality inspection

You’d think I’ve gone mad with power, I’m failing everything left and right

…but it is objectively not what is acceptable by every metric and standard… just weird that the “new” inspector is raining fire on production

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Good way of putting it haha, at least it expands potential drinks a lot.

So far, I’ve tried a few light ales, darker ales, an IPA, a stout, and a porter. The ales were the only thing that I was able to drink a significant amount of (my roommate finishes anything I don’t like, generally). I’ve had a few lite beers, didn’t really like those either. The only one I’ve been able to finish is Redd’s apple ale, which is super sweey and apple-y (closer to cider). I’ve had several of those.

I tried Stella Artois, and that’s the only “plain” beer I’ve drank a majority of a bottle of.

I’ve found that I can’t stand hops. The worst beer I’ve had was the IPA I had (Hazey Little thing by Sierra Nevada brewing co), and that’s followed up by the porter I had.

I’ve tried it a few times over the years (shhhh, don’t tell the cops :wink:), and I’ve never been able to stomach it. Hopefully that changes at some point, but at the moment it makes me want to vomit. Nothing is worse than wine though, it makes me immediately sick.

I used to haaate hops

I still sort of do, it’s almost like a Stockholm syndrome meets masochistic drink choices lol

But they are weirdly refreshing, just gotta get the right mood… sort of a “bring it own” type of thing

If you can learn to tolerate half the insane energy drinks, you can learn to tolerate hops lol

Wine… like REAL wine, not the pink moscato stuff… and I can’t seem to find common ground,
Because I always imagined wine as a very “grapey” drink… like hardcore grape juice… and nothing could be further from the truth… and I can’t change my preconceived taste expectations

Something simple that I personally love, Whiskey Sour
Or spiced rum with Rumchata.
I’m a simple creature, also a broke college student :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ooo, I’ve been meaning to try Rumchata. A family friend used to have it a lot. What rum do you like with it?

That’s another one I really gotta try, but I need to buy some whisk(e)y first. It’s a little costly, but you don’t use much I guess. I know I just asked this for the rum, but what’s your favorite brand of whisk(e)y you’ve tried?

Thank you for putting that in words so well. I fucking love grape juice (and grape soda), but the second you ferment it, it’s dead to me. My first time ever getting drunk was through wine I made myself when I was 17, from Welch’s grape juice. The fermentation process went great, it was decently strong thanks to the yeast I used (comparing to stuff I’ve had now, I’d say probably ~15% abv), but the flavor made me want to vomit. I mixed it with pepsi and chugged it in the span of an hour. I later did the math, the volume of wine I drank was equivalent to two bottles… in one hour… of very strong wine. To put it simply, I was in bad shape. I did indeed end up vomiting, and now I can’t even stand the smell of wine since. I tried a sip of rose on my birthday (a friend bought my Snoop Dogg rose as a gag gift), and it was so bad.

That’s a bold claim, my friend. I absolutely love energy drinks, and mostly drink them for the taste. Hopefully you’re right, and I can learn to like beer. I mainly miss out on the social aspect of it.

I prefer Captain Morgan

For cheaper whiskey ($20-40)
Evan Willaims Single Barrel Vintage, Larceny Small Batch, Knob Creek, Elijah Craig, Pikesville Straight Rye

Higher end but still not super expensive ($50-70)
Uncle Nearest 1856, Angels Envy

Honestly haven’t had many expensive brands because as I mentioned broke college student :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but I live in TN so it’s kinda Whiskey central here

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Try sangria, it’s amazing and actually tastes great

… but it’s super deceiving and will get you wrecked if you drink it with abandon


Pina colada

My wife recommends all three.

I would suggest trying Hoegaarden or A good Weizen. (Gold Ochsen Hefeweizen or Gold Ochsen Kristallweizen get my vote if you can find them). They are wheat beers, and not really like any of the ones you have mentioned.

I still can’t see how anyone can say “wine”… Port is nothing like Champagne for example. My wife like Riesling, while back in my younger days I liked a New Zealand wine called Cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush. (A Sauvignon Blanc from Coopers Creek Vineyard)

I’ve been wanting to try mimosas.

I like both coconut and pineapple, but I really struggle with Pina colada stuff. I think I just struggle with rum a bit, with the exception of Kahlua.

Since my bar set has a muddler, I should be able to try a mojito soon, hope I like it. I generally really like mint.

A hefeweizen is the only type of beer I had left on my list to try, hoping I like it at least a little. I’ll have to see if I can find the brands you mentioned.

I would like to try some more wine, but it’s so expensive per try. Wish I could get it in miniatures/nips. I haven’t had any white wines at all, curious if I’d like them.

(Also apologies if I’ve made any grammar or spelling mistakes, the alcohol is really hitting me right now, to be honest. The white Russians plus a white claw and a Smirnoff spiked seltzer are stronger than expected haha, probably the most I’ve had in 4 years)

Thanks to everyone for their responses btw, I’ll have to make another trip to the store soon, once I’m done with finals.

Love this community. No matter the topic, great responses.


Hmmm… sounds like a stupid question, but - why?
If you don’t like it, don’t drink it :smile:

I don’t really like alcohol in general, I might drink a glass of wine on christmas or such, but I never understood why I should drink stuff I don’t like just because it’s a “social thing” or so. I love some alcohol-free cocktails, and I’ve never been tossed out of my peer group because I just sat there drinking Club Mate or such :wink:

Same with coffee - I just don’t like the taste. And I don’t care at all if people think I’m a little girl just because I order hot chocolate in every café :stuck_out_tongue:

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Part of it is, I pride myself on my culinary ability and understanding. I absolutely love cooking and trying new foods and drinks. Beer is an entire section of beverages that I simply can’t understand or appreciate. I don’t like raw tomatoes either, and that bothers me in a very similar way.

I also have a lot of friends that love to go to beer festivals and such. I feel a bit left out since I can’t enjoy it at all. I could avoid drinking beer and still go, but that kinda goes against the entire point haha.

If I can’t get myself to eventually like beer, I’m fine with that, I can’t force myself, but it’d be nice if I eventually find a way to enjoy it. It’d be easier. I enjoy alcohol, and I like drinking with other people, but I feel like a burden when I go to events and all someone has is beer, which has happened a few times.

I’m a huge beer lover, and I miss Belgium sorely for that. So many beers to taste there! I lived there for 15 years, I endeavored to taste several per day, and I still only scratched the surface of what’s available for tasting there.

But leaving did me good I guess, as my beer tasting regimen was starting to turn me into a genuine lush.

White Russians, Irish Car Bombs, and Flaming Pumpkin shots are some of my favorites. I can’t remember exactly the recipe for the Flaming Pumpkin at the moment tho. However, most of the time it’s Yuengling Lager and Jagermeister for me tho. Or Brooklyn Lager usually when I’m in NYC. :wink:

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There’s this thing in Finland called “vehicle decommissioning”. I really love it!

What that is is, you pay 5.40 EUR to take your vehicle off the road temporarily (but as long as you want). It’s a flat fee, and after you’ve paid you stop paying tax and insurance, until you put it back on the road. That’s done on their website and it takes 10 minutes. If you need your car, one click, and hey-presto, you’re back on the road 10 minutes later.

It’s brilliant for people like me who don’t drive very much: normally car TCO is about 10 EUR per day for me, whether I drive the car or not. That’s what it costs me to own a car and use it infrequently in any other country. But here, I just decommission it, and I can have the luxury of owning a car without bleeding money when I don’t need it.

It’s great because it doesn’t penalize those who strive to be as car-free as possible but don’t have the option of going all the way, and it incentivizes people to drive less. Just what the world needs!

So once again, yeah Finland :slight_smile:


So there was a APP for the forum, right?

Can someone send me the link?

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It isn’t really an app so much on Android as a shortcut directly to the forum in a “dedicated” browser window.

Lol OK


Then i dont need it :slight_smile:

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I just ordered rollerblade wheels for my new inspection office chair… I’m never going to stand again lol :joy:

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Handy Dandy Here it is…kinda