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Ironic. One of the wildfires in Oregon a few years ago was started by some idiot teenagers from Washington, throwing fireworks in a national forest during a drought. Another one was started (also during the middle of summer) by someone going into the woods and shooting at a dead tree stump… With tracer rounds.

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Let me start with… it’s no secret I like guns and am super pro gun freedoms

Tracers are super dumb…

Like I get it, the “idea” really fricken cool

… but in practice? Really fricken stupid and impractical outside of night machine gun tracer shoots… specifically after it rains

They aren’t the crazy incendiary things people make them out to be, totally not going to light anything you want on fire … on purpose…

But super effective at causing accidental fires very easily…

And yes I’m still not for banning them, if you do dumb you just pay the price… but If you can use them responsibly (which is why I own a very small number) more power to you

Totally unrelated story to my ever working at indoor ranges and dealing with idiots

But shooting tracers indoors? Super bad idea and bad times… nothing catastrophic… just lots of sizzling gun powder fires down and around the range

(Ranges are semi built with the idea that unburnt gunpowder will be deposited on the floor and collects in the concrete expansion cuts… and nothing to really set on fire besides the cardboard and paper targets… but it’s a very disconcerting event… until about the 3rd or 4th time lol)

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Generally I’d agree here… but in the given example (the bushfire), the dumb people didn’t pay the price, nature did. Animals, the forest, maybe people living there.
Things are usually banned because the idiots who do stupid stuff with them most often do not pay the price themselves :woman_shrugging:


I am not anti gun. I am anti stupid. In this case I don’t know what you can do after the fact to these people.

The tracer fire was started during the day on a hot August day.

The teenager was fined more than he will ever be able to pay. I really don’t know how that helps anyone.

If we had laws against stupidity, indifference and cruelty, most problems would be solved :wink:

That doesn’t help, but I have no idea for a better solution… maybe force him to work with the firefighters for some months or so? Watching videos of the results of such a fire, the dying animals, interviews with people who lost their homes or such? Worst thing about stupidity is that you can hardly do anything against it. It is pretty obvious to everyone that heat + dry woods + fire is leading to a big fucking problem, and yet, such things happen. I’m afraid a lot of people just do not care enough, especially if they are tourists who just visit the area.

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I injected a glassie in corn and Filmed it. Now I will run it over with the car


Can a parylene-coated glassie start migrating if you lose a bunch of weight and muscular mass? I’m almost certain my long-implanted IAR EM4305 has moved. And it looks like it’s about to poke out of my skin too…

So it survived the car but i cracked it while extracting… i used a big screwdriver and heared the crack while poking around in the corn.

it still reads though :sweat_smile: :rofl:

need to try it again with an orange


i dont know what this test should proof or not proof other that i have too much spare time and get bored fast.

next time Chicken bone and Flesh

now i have glass shards everywhere in my hands


So the two of you are suggesting that we should ban humans? Not a bad idea TBH…

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Cyborgs only?

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Yes. As a whole, we kinda suck


Cyborgs, robots, and AIs.

We’re just bootloaders, like litte larvae.
Humans haven’t been around for long, in universe terms.

And if you think about how many iterations little AIs need, I guess we will need quite a few more generations and looots of new tech before we become anything decent.

But humanity has potential. We just need to get over some stupid traits evolution gave us.

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Good idea! :wink:

But the whole wildfire thing… Shit, I was on a fire at Warm Springs in Central Oregon. It started in late June, was contained (except for the massive wood chip piles at a saw mill that would spontaneously combust EVERY afternoon despite being hosed down daily with thousands of gallons of water and occasionally foam), but the locals still cut loose with a horrendous fourth of July celebration that seemed very likely to burn down the whole town.

Not only are people dumb, but the safety nets put in place are blatantly exploited as a means to do whatever people want (or is most cost effective for a business). Can we bring back personal accountability? :crossed_fingers:


I always maintain that Americans should move the 4th of July to the 5th of November.

  1. The weather is usually better (safer) for fireworks in November.
  2. In the Northern hemisphere it gets dark earlier in November so fireworks can be launched earlier in the day.
  3. We don’t have to tell them what the effigy on the bonfire is for.
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:joy: :joy:@mrln You’ve gotta get that cob X-ray’d!!! :joy:


The 5th, the 5th, the 5th of November… at least tis easy, to remember.


Imagine comming to the hospital, saying I ran over my corn with the car, it might be broken. Can you do a xray?