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So at risk of kicking off any debate or arguments again…

Got my booster, and let’s just say… my lack of faith in government only ever grows

The “system” has ZERO record of my first and second shots

Tried to claim I wasn’t vaccinated

I can only imagine how many more aren’t in the system… It does bring me amusement knowing my insurance likely didn’t pay a dime since it never “officially” happened

Government incompetence… the only sure bet

Which government? The US government has the option to be much more draconian measures in order to track this more accurately… But then inevitably people would complain about privacy invasion.

There’s also another layer here… There are certain states that actually do track this pretty accurately, but that’s kind of where the US is a big oddity… they leave a lot up to the states just like the EU does leave things up to individual countries or states depending on your vernacular, but everyone in the US kind of believes that the federal government is the thing that should be keeping track of all the stuff. It’s some kind of strange mindset that sort of pits states against the federal government in some cases.

The common sense approach like how the EU mandates that EID must be shared amongst the member states and information must flow between is something that just kind of doesn’t fly here in the US. For whatever reason. That said, the EU doesn’t necessarily have everything all together either… But they’re much more advanced when it comes to things like cryptographic signatures of covid vaccination certificates etc

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The US,

This isn’t even a privacy issue… they were given my information, it was to be used for a vaccine registry

They HAVE a system in place, they literally just didn’t put my into into the system… twice

If it’s any consultation, you a definitely in Amals mind control database, and you have been ever since yout first implant entered your body.
I hope that helps

Has been 2 weeks now and still can’t read it :frowning:

Have you tried with anything other than your PM?

I have pm3 rdv4 and have tried an iPhone and a oneplus phone.

I think now might be a good time for me to throw a @amal in here.

Have you seen iPhone NFC Scanning - YouTube ?

Wow that helped a lot !


It has definitely moved from the X-ray. But I have just written a new url to it without any issue from my iPhone.

Now just struggling with the t55xx side of things…


Sounds like a hospital administration problem to me.

Who’s gonna tell him it’s free anyways?

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Who’s gunna tell him nothing free is ever free? :wink:

…there’s always a price


New (4 days ago) V4.0


I was finally able to try some whiskey, specifically bourbon. Tonight I bought some Buffalo Trace, which multiple sites (and YouTube channels I watch) claim is the best bourbons at that price point. It was about the same cost as Knob Creek at my grocery, $29 for 750ml.

It’s…interesting. Weirdly, not how I always expected bourbon to taste. The “woodiness” is definitely understandable now. I like the flavor itself quite a lot, but the burn is still something I have to get used to. Buffalo Trace is 90 proof apparently, which seems pretty standard for bourbon.

I was able to sip on it for a bit, but ended up having to commit sacrilege and mix it with coke… The flavor was actually extremely nice, and it was super easy to drink, but it just felt so, so wrong…

I’m hoping that by having some occasionally, I can start to get used to it.

You aren’t paying directly for the Vaccine. Your insurance isn’t paying directly for the Vaccine. The tracking database isn’t run by the US federal government but by the state that you were vaccinated in (three times).

California has an electronic version of their card apparently. In Oregon the database is working properly as I have been found in it every time (and I have a paper card).

So, blame your state government.

If you make it back to the Portland area let me know and I’ll treat you to some real Whisky at the Highland Stillhouse.

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Really hoping I can make it back to the PNW this summer. Still have to see Seattle, and I definitely want to visit Portland more. Had a great time there, other than the 116 degree weather :laughing:

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That’s a good one too, I’ve actually got some in a decanter unlabeled most likely :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There’s no shame, I will mix literally any strong alcohol with coke and have zero remorse

You will

Speaking of this, did you have to do anything special to get all those stops or was it just a promotion they were running? I’ve got an amtrack not far from me (relatively) and would love to do some traveling as well but holy shit sometimes they’re expensive

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It was the USA rail pass. They had a deal going on for $299 when I got mine, but that was a special.

They still sell the USA rail pass for $500, and if you’re okay with doing coach, it’s still a great deal.

You get 30 days to spend 10 segments. Each segment ends when you make a transfer. So, my Amtrak bus from Indianapolis to Galesburg, Illinois was one segment, but my train (the California Zephyr) from Galesburg to San Francisco was only one segment as well (despite being 2.5 days long).

If you plan your segments well, you can get a whole lot out of it. For instance, technically my train took me from Galesburg Illinois to Emeryville CA, which is just across the bay from San Francisco. They wanted me to use a segment to take a bus from Emeryville to San Francisco. Instead, I walked two blocks to a bus stop, and took a normal bus across for like $5, rather than using a whole segment on it (which is in-theory worth ~$50).

You have 120 days total from when you buy it, and your 30 days begins when you hop on your first segment.

Between all of the long haul trains available, you could easily travel the entire country with only the 10 segments of a single rail pass.

The worst part of it is sleeping in coach. It sucks, but if you can sleep in a recliner, you can manage it here. Melatonin helps a lot. Baby wipes are decent enough for a shower, you aren’t moving around really after all.

I’m considering doing it again this summer, albeit with slightly better prep (and having more funds ready). Food was more expensive than I anticipated. I bought a ton of protein bars and planned to have those for half of my meals, but that just wasn’t doable after 3-4 days.