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I currently use the hf side of my NExT for logging into various things as well as storage for some recovery keys, but I’m looking for the ability to change the serial number (or log in).

I believe the xM1 is what I want but I just wanted to verify that with you guys.

Thanks in advance for any insight you may have.

The xM1 or flexM1 will let you do that, but also I believe the flexMN.

Out of curiosity, why do you need to change the UID?

The ability to change the UID just increase’s their usability should a log in ever become compromised

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So I assume you use the chip’s UID as a direct login into your computer using a keyboard wedge, is that it?

In which case, a better solution would be to use a proper reader and a dedicated login program.

This is correct.

Would a dedicated login program render ability to change a UID useless?

Well sorry I should have made my answer more complete.

Changing the UID regularly in and of itself would add an extra layer of security (although “security” in the context of a dumb RFID or NFC chip is all relative). It’s just like passwords really: if you cycle them regularly, they can’t be compromised long term. But it’s not that necessary really.

What the login program brings is decoupling the keyboard input and the chip login itself. That is:

  • You keep your regular login, and you don’t have to use your chip’s UID as a direct password - because quite frankly hex strings are not that easy to remember.

  • You don’t risk autotyping your password in a document, or worse, in a chat window or something if you approach your chip to the reader at the wrong moment

  • You are not at the mercy of the keyboard wedge’s exact output format if you ever change keyboard wedge brand / model and it’s nor programmable

This here post by His Amalness is of interest. Look up the bit that talks about logging in with an ACR122. Assuming you use Windows of course.

This is the where the your password is stored in the hardware that scans your chips to verify?

I have mixed feelings of a separate piece of hardware having the password

Gives me the vibe of exterior lock box’s… just steal the box and get the key

Login programs are installed on your computer and should keep your chip’s UID encrypted - just like they should keep your regular password encrypted also. A hypothetical external box should do the same.

I guess I’d be ok with a program…

Hardware I trust less, just because it could easily be taken?

Obviously you’d notice and immediately change credentials… but seems like adding points of vulnerability

Hence two-factor authentication, if you’re that concerned. The hardware is one part, a password in your noggin is the second part. Authentication occurs when both are present. Think credit card and PIN number.

But consider that if you have a piece of hardware that reacts to one of your implants, it’ll be basically useless without your implant - if it’s properly designed and doesn’t store your implant’s creds in plaintext on a SD card or something. So even with dump chips, in the case of implants, 2FA isn’t as much of a necessity.

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Depression and anxiety are often linked, it sounds like you are able to “stare down” the anxiety side of the beast, which reeeealy deescalates the feels. Awesome skills!

I’m going to attempt to use this sentence to ask a sicky politely to back off during 2022 (or whenever normal illnesses come back into vogue)

So I’m currently (honestly, I’ve been feeling depressed and not felt like programming for a while now) working on the new version of my code. It can store a password on the chip. It can store a password on the reader, but XORed with the UID from the chip so only the right chip will decrypt it. Or can spit out the UID, or it can store the password in clear text.

This doesn’t stop you from putting your password into the wrong window, but it does mean that the actual password and the chip are decoupled.

My preference is for the password on the chip itself, and then the reader is just a reader. You only really need to worry about the security of your chip.

As for Covid/Christmas/Time… Life seems to have become one long monotonous cycle. The difference between Weekdays and the Weekend is whether I am working on Work stuff, or other stuff. Holidays have merged into weekends which are almost indistinguishable from weekdays.

“And they said to me, ‘Cheer up, things could be worse’. So I cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse!”

Or they just can’t afford to not get paid, at least until it becomes too much then they end up in the ER. Then they can’t afford the healthcare, and…

There is nothing wrong with the US that a real social safety net couldn’t fix.

I’m wondering… not that I want to make this forum into a potentially disasterous cluster fuck… but I’m wondering if it might make any sense to start a private category to talk about depression? I have some thoughts and some experiences to share but I don’t know that it’s a good idea to make this kind of conversation in a public forum.


So are ADHD, and delayed sleep phase (nocturnal), and other stuff

I often joke that I’ve got enough things that are linked with depression and anxiety, that if I was actually “fine”… that would probably be quite concerning

It’s almost like the world shitting on people causes them to have a negative outlook or something :thinking:

I’m not sure about all that, In a nut shell it’s like when I get a bad case of the “why bother-itus”… I tell
Myself that in the end, almost nothing I ever do will matter, and I will eventually be forgotten to time

So if that’s the case, why not do something stupid and have a little fun along the way

A skill? Maybe… I wouldn’t call it awesome or probably healthy though :joy:, but hey if it works

Anxiety=literally everything matters a lot
Depression=nothing matters
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Eq brain… let’s just steer into “nothing matters” and live in the moment and do stuff that doesn’t matter

I suspect we have enough people here with some form of mental health issues (depression and anxiety in my case) that it might be a good idea.

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Somehow I didn’t see this comment,

I am not opposed, but I can also see it being a Pandora’s box also… but why not

Optimistic Nihilism in a nutshell. It’s one of the philosophies that I try to live by.

That’s right, I forgot it had a name