The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

When you submit the order put your request in the notes section. @mdanger should be able to accommodate.


what the frick?


And because Michelle has a great sense of humor, she’ll biff the word “magnet” in “injectable magnet” with a large marker pen and write “cocaine” across it :slight_smile:


That would be hilarious and I couldn’t fault her for that :joy:

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when are you going to announce the new thing…

It looks cool, great idea.

A 2in1 would be great also


You started it toaster.

Will it be an update for this?


Hint / clue


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You guys know a good LF reader that isn’t a Prox? After buying the magneto bundle funds have gone a bit thin but I don’t want to risk bricking with something like the blue cloner.

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I am on mobile, so tough to link and search, look for the pm3 easy

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Can I trust the Aliexpress PM3 easy?

This is a great read about them, by trusted users.


Cheers mate


I have high hopes for the Flipper Zero (and later Flipper one)
But its release isn’t planned until early next year and we won’t know its functionality/ compatibility etc until we get our hands on it.
Luckily @koteeq is in the Flipper Dev team and I know she has already made some suggestions.
The initial BIG question will be the xSeries coupling.

Oh, to be able to simply bring out a tool, turn it on.

tenor (48)


Hoping this pm3 easy clone will work for now. Definitely gonna get a flipper Zero when they’re in higher production as long as they meet expectations. But for now I must rely on the faith that my first AliExpress order will be worth it :joy:


They’re good enough, done me and plenty of others here pretty well :v:t4:


a toaster implant! finally


Okay gents here I am again asking for location advice, went ahead and bought the Magneto Bundle instead of the red bundle. I’ve already got an xNT in L0 so I’m thinking Spark in L3, xG3 in L1 and NExT in R0. Opinions?
I’m only really worried about the xG3 messing up my reader with it being so close to the spark, should I toss it in the other hand somewhere? (R3 will definitely be used for Apex or whatever payment implant if/when we eventually get it)

What is your reason for that location?
How do you plan on using it?

Although I know they’re not the best for sensing due to their size, that is the area of my hand that I think has the most sensation to smaller touches? (Other than fingers obviously) So just mainly that I attempted to find the most sensitive unproblematic spot where nerves would be prominent
Edit: sorry I repeated myself like three time in that

@Pilgrimsmaster you wanna add my username onto CLONING - What & Where

Under uk with pm3

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