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a toaster implant! finally


Okay gents here I am again asking for location advice, went ahead and bought the Magneto Bundle instead of the red bundle. I’ve already got an xNT in L0 so I’m thinking Spark in L3, xG3 in L1 and NExT in R0. Opinions?
I’m only really worried about the xG3 messing up my reader with it being so close to the spark, should I toss it in the other hand somewhere? (R3 will definitely be used for Apex or whatever payment implant if/when we eventually get it)

What is your reason for that location?
How do you plan on using it?

Although I know they’re not the best for sensing due to their size, that is the area of my hand that I think has the most sensation to smaller touches? (Other than fingers obviously) So just mainly that I attempted to find the most sensitive unproblematic spot where nerves would be prominent
Edit: sorry I repeated myself like three time in that

@Pilgrimsmaster you wanna add my username onto CLONING - What & Where

Under uk with pm3

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and mine :smiley:

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@Equipter What city are you nearest to?

Mine is brizl (bristol) :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose you can add mine - Ii, Finland

Chester/manchester as a main city

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Can add me to Jackson TN in USA

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I would be totally fine with people using languages other than english here if the language detection wasn’t so bad when quoting stuff.

This just sucks… the language detected shouldn’t be based on the quotes… it makes 0% sense.

Random question, but @anon3825968 - you don’t strike me as an anime fan; are you?

I wonder why you ask… :slight_smile:

I am not a fan per se, but I enjoy a lot of them. Especially cyber dystopian neo-noir sort of things, as you no doubt have guessed.

I have a soft spot for 70s and 80s animes also.

been meaning to ask that for a long time
cool beans

I mean, his profile pic is the laughing man logo from ghost in the shell: standalone complex
@anon3825968 have you perchance seen the live-action Ghost in the shell remake? What did you think?

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I find it seriously fabulous. Scarlett Johansson is a stunning Major. I’m properly impressed. Remakes and movies deriving from animes are rarely a success. This was - as was Blade Runner 2049, incidentally: that one totally surprised me too. But I digress…

The only downside was that a lot of the scenes were direct reenactments of scenes from the animes. They played it safe for the fans. They should have created more original content imho. But other than that, I like it a lot.

One anime I think should be made into a movie is Wonderful Days. But… dream on I guess.

I agree wholehartedly; I much prefer the film to the original animation (Scarlett Johansson is a major upside :wink:), although I think it’s in need of a recut. The story was there, I just feel like it hadn’t reached its full potential. For example, the story of the minor characters (for example garbage truck man) was frankly left by the wayside.

Maybe a brighter colour palate would have helped the world feel more alive as well, Holywood cyberpunk etc movies have a bit of a tendency to veer into dull pastel colored darkness ever since the days of the original Blade runner.

Blade runner 2049 was really very impressive as well, I was especially impressed by their clever inclusion of Pale fire in the narrative and story structure as well.

The garbage truck driver’s story is one of those direct reenactments: they copied the sequences from the anime almost verbatim, and it’s not investigated any more or less than in the original.

I like the movie and the animes equally, quite frankly. Nothing beats the 1995 original if you ask me :slight_smile: