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For those of you that have bought xG3 does it blatantly say on the outside of the packaging that it’s a magnet? I’m about to purchase the magneto bundle but my mom doesn’t want me to get a magnet implant (I’m 18) but as long as it doesn’t blatantly disclose that outside I should be fine

the DHL packaging has a very VERY vague description of whats inside the rfid ones say something like “rfid transponder” so it might say something like “magnet” on it

Ah I meant the packaging the injector is in
Does it say xG3 or xG3 biomagnet or other lol
I noticed the little card on the inside said it but figured I could request that be removed

afair the injector packaging has a sticker pertaining to the contents but you could just as easily peel that off

Awesome, cheers mate

When you submit the order put your request in the notes section. @mdanger should be able to accommodate.


what the frick?


And because Michelle has a great sense of humor, she’ll biff the word “magnet” in “injectable magnet” with a large marker pen and write “cocaine” across it :slight_smile:


That would be hilarious and I couldn’t fault her for that :joy:

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when are you going to announce the new thing…

It looks cool, great idea.

A 2in1 would be great also


You started it toaster.

Will it be an update for this?


Hint / clue


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You guys know a good LF reader that isn’t a Prox? After buying the magneto bundle funds have gone a bit thin but I don’t want to risk bricking with something like the blue cloner.

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I am on mobile, so tough to link and search, look for the pm3 easy

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Can I trust the Aliexpress PM3 easy?

This is a great read about them, by trusted users.


Cheers mate


I have high hopes for the Flipper Zero (and later Flipper one)
But its release isn’t planned until early next year and we won’t know its functionality/ compatibility etc until we get our hands on it.
Luckily @koteeq is in the Flipper Dev team and I know she has already made some suggestions.
The initial BIG question will be the xSeries coupling.

Oh, to be able to simply bring out a tool, turn it on.

tenor (48)


Hoping this pm3 easy clone will work for now. Definitely gonna get a flipper Zero when they’re in higher production as long as they meet expectations. But for now I must rely on the faith that my first AliExpress order will be worth it :joy:


They’re good enough, done me and plenty of others here pretty well :v:t4: