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Speaking of Ghost in the Shell, we all know Elon Musk is working on a Togusa-style implant. But I’m still waiting for Amal to release Batou-style eyes :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but in my opinion the emotional impact and the sheer tragedy of the garbage driver subplot just isn’t there in the live action.
I had to check and I only found a direct comparison in this video essay: from 3:13 onward.
However, note that that essay is biased towards the original.
The Togusa I can get behind, but Batou’s eyes are frankly creeping me out a little bit :slight_smile:

Hmm yeah you’re right actually. I must have slapped the knowledge I had of the truck driver’s backstory onto the 2017 movie. It is quite terse in the movie, now that I see the comparison.

I keep switching glasses all day long - sometimes wearing two sets at the same time. So I suppose I’m already used to looking strange. I’m ready for any replacement that’s more convenient and doesn’t make me puke like progressives, however creepy-looking.

Just get 2 of these bad boys shopping

Or what about this one here? Okay, you’ll have to take out your existing eyes before… but it looks… mh, interesting :wink:


Actually… hah… the visual cortex in directly at the fucking back of the head… like wtf? Eyes in the front, visual processing all the way in the back… anyways I thought of an experiment to mount a camera to the back of your head like “eyes in the back of your head” and tie it directly in to the visual cortex back there… give you nearly 360 degrees of vision.

Why don’t we have access to vivokey app on iOS give us access to the app

Because the app is still on production.
:sweat_smile: I’m doing my best to get it ready ASAP.


Homie we get it you’re excited. Some of us have been waiting since June. So please be patient like the rest of us


That pretty rude. Some people have waited much longer than you have.

Manners cost nothing :wink:


chill ur beans bud. they work hard enough as is :} no need for more pressure to an already stressful project


Oh dear, its a kid that explains a lot

@hectorhensler you do realise you need to be over 18 to get these implants right no body modification artist is going to install them in a child. Oh and you realise you have to be over 13 to start and or receive funds from go fund me


Sorry to post again but as a father myself I think I should be asking some questions @hectorhensler

  • do you even have or know what the vivokey products are?
  • I see you have a gofundme setup did you want people to pay for you to get a spark2?
  • why do you need $1000?
  • do your parents know your asking strangers for money for a body modification?

Because I want to get a Samsung phone and a spark 2 product that’s why am earning money that’s why

So why does the ios app matter?

Also like I said no installer is going to do it for you till your 18.


My parents know I’m asking money to earn and a I know that vivokey I want it an iOS the app

Awww flibbertigibbets


Wait but what I am saying is how do you plan on getting it installed? Why does ios matter if your buying a Samsung phone they run android.

I’m not saying don’t get an implant but definitely should wait till your older if not for safety for health, even if your 13 chances are you haven’t hit puberty yet so have alot of growing to do which may be a bad thing if you put a chip in. At the very least you should wait till after puberty.

@Pilgrimsmaster may be worth splitting off this thread and dumping it into anti derailment

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I am 13 years old

I gathered …

Still to get an implant you really should wait till after puberty so you body structure is a bit more set.

Not to mention if your school or anyone finds out then your parents could get in some serious shit.

Don’t get me wrong I know your looking at all this stuff and thinking its so cool and that you want to be a part of it that’s exactly what I’d did when I was mid teens but I still waited no amount of cool is worth risking your health for.