VivoKey for iOS Dev Update:

Derailing rant

I agree with you on most points, pros and cons.

Well, liquid damage is absolutely not covered under warranty. Also, even if you are under warranty, Apple has kind of a spotty track record (Bendgate is just one example that comes to mind) of replacing devices with obvious failures (they did offer a replacement, but had some interesting conditions).

There are some engineering failures in Apple products that are just egrigious (Holding the phone kills signal [iPhone 4], Unibody Macbook falls apart because it isn’t actually unibody but glued with epoxy that fails because of heat, butterfly keyboard that they take how many years to actually fix, iphone that is so thin that you can pop the digitizer IC right of the motherboard, +30V DC backlight rail running right next to 1.2V CPU rail and consequently frying the CPU when there is a short, webcam wired in series with touchpad so if there are issues with the webcam the whole touchpad doesn’t work…). These are from many different models, but you get the jist. Their stance and consistent lobbying to discredit right-to-repair legislation also doesn’t help matters. It also seems that they make things as difficult as possible to repair (especially data recovery), and there are many issues with their AOSP and Independet repair programs.
Of course these issues are hardly unique to Apple, they just happen to stick out the most.
Rant over.

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Love the rant! yeah agreed no device maker is exempt of making a design decision that later will prove to be a bad choice. Don’t tell me that Android devices are all made perfect and without a single design failure. Exploding phones anyone?

They even made a mod for GTA of this famous exploding Android phone.

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Kind of reminds me of the Powerbook 5300 :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course, there are always design failures

I use to be hardcore Android only until I actually decided to get an iPhone X instead of the Galaxy S9. Don’t get me wrong I miss having certain features but it truly is a great phone. Been jail broken which really makes it up to my standards in customization. As for MacOS I recently purchased a MacBook Air and the inter connectivity of the whole platform with my phone and my AirPods does truly make life a little bit easier for my online college work. (Not to mention that display :drooling_face:)

Reminds me of the TRC’s for submitting a game to Sony/Microsoft for GM review. We had folders that were 2 inches thick of rules and specifications that you had to meet. Sure isn’t a fun time!

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2020 SEP 29 update:

  • User profile editing is complete.

There was a “hidden” area on the profile data where you can put your name, email, a featured link and a description intro text.
The android app was (and it’s still missing that part) (TODO Android app)
The icons inside the app are not the same as the server so some icons on the server aren’t updated yet. (TODO server side)
I added an option to actually remove your selected profile photo. I think on the android app you can’t just “remove” a profile image you uploaded, you would need to upload a new one.
I created a simple “blank” to replace the upload if you want to remove your profile image.

  • Amal asked me to add the web profile somewhere.

So i added a new tab just to “preview” your web profile. I like that we have four tabs now.
This page right now gets loaded as soon as you open it and depending on the speed of the connection sometimes I need to refresh it to re-send the login info or it will try to send you to login page. (TODO: Figure out a way to automatically reload it with updated credentials)

  • Editing the chip scan settings is “done”?

The background part works already, but I am still not completely happy on how that page looks. I need to re-order some elements so is more comfortable to configure your chips scanning actions. (TODO improve UX)

  • Advanced tab

Layout for the Advanced tab is completed too. But need to implement functionality.


  • Automatically reload the profile web view page

  • Improve UX (user experience) for implant configuration page.

  • Also “Add new VivoKey to profile” flow
  • Implement advanced tab options:
  • Remove registered devices
  • Remove authenticated services
  • Create, edit and delete custom applications

Is it there yet?
Is it there yet?
Is it there yet?



Hahaha I wish, but half way done won’t even be approved by Apple to be on the App Store. Doing all I can to get it done in Oct already.
I’ll be posting updates more often (if not almost daily)


2020 Oct 2

iOS App Developer Update:
Bugs squeezed & features added

Creating new user:

  • When creating a new user, if no image was selected, it would freeze.
    (Fix: If no image has been selected when creating a new profile, a default blank image will be used.)
  • Using a png image with transparent background leaves a dark gray background, but when uploaded, the API will put the image with white background.
    (Fix: Changed to white background preview)

Editing user info:

  • When there was no links, a new link couldn’t be added.
    (Fix: fixed the text and + mark to create a new empty link)
  • When a new link is added, it would leave the “Done” button
    (Fix: added data check verification on any action that has to do with links)
  • When clicking Done. sometimes it takes a while to send all the new info (including image) to the server, but the screen won’t change.
    (Fix: After the user clicks Done, change the screen to let the user know what actions are being taken on the background and when the app is ready to continue.)

Confirmation email

  • When clicking the yellow mark to confirm your email, it won’t display any info showing that the action has been taken.
    (Fix: Add popup alert message notifying the user of the action taken.)

Login in with Spark 2

  • Rarely the server would respond with CSRF Failed and won’t log in.
    (Fix: Completely reset the connection with the server to obtain new login credentials and reset user interface to allow a new login atempt)

Main screen

  • When network changes, or app is sent to background before finishing a process, sometimes the main screen doesn’t automatically connect to the server.
    (Fix: I changed the “Connecting to server…” message to a hyperlink type button that users can tap to reset connection)

Amal asked me to add a new view where the current profile webpage can be visible.

  • This screen has a little erratic behavior where sometimes it sends to Login Page and requires the user to re-authenticate again to try loading the correct page again.
    (Fix: … still don’t know, working on it …)

Demo video
Video shows erratic behavior of the login web-page.
The first NDEF error is caused when the chip is not stable when scanning.
The best reads happen on a smooth slow approaching motion (you guys will get the feeling after a couple of tries).

Let me know you guys want me to keep doing this updates by leaving a :heart: or a comment


I don’t because I don’t have an iPhone, but I find your informing everybody very classy.

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I agree, could you please teach other developers how to do dev updates and patch notes? I’m so sick of seeing ‘Bug Fixes and Improvements’ or ‘We’re always making changes to improve your expereince’

Hahaha well I’m not sure if that’s encouraging or the opposite

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I think that’s exactly why I am asking.
Doing this updates takes time.
And if most people don’t care to read all the little changes and how they get fixed, then its pointless to spend time and effort creating this reports.

The way I do it is, I open a blank text-file next to the code and describe the problem, then find the solution and go back to the text-file and write how I solve it in basic not so much techy workds.

Then I will do a mobile screen recording, upload to my YouTube channel as private video and get the link.

So yeah, that’s why I’m asking if I should keep doing this updates, or “the app is done when is done”


Believe me, it is.

That’s one thing I learned when I worked in support: people like updates, even when nothing is happening. It tells them whoever is in charge hasn’t dropped the ball.

I think the answer is both? It’s a great thing to do for your users and I certainly appreciate it, but at the same time the app isn’t released so none of us are your users yet.

If it’s taking too much time and keeping you away from other more important things, I won’t show up to your door with a pitchfork :slightly_smiling_face:

Once it’s released and has a user base then my answer would change because of the importance of update notes.

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I find it interesting to see your process, and if I was waiting for the app, I would be very appreciative of the updates.

That being said, I think Amal should be the one to decide where you spend your time.
30min update vs. 30min development


Nice update! Ty

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i really appreciate the updates, and i hope they continue once the ios app has launched.


Thanks for the updates and all the hard work.
Can’t wait to finally get on board with Vivokey