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Put simply - no professional will ever install an implant to someone below 18 or maybe, at least, 16.
A self-install by someone who is 13 years old is not a good idea, either.

So, @hectorhensler, take some more years of waiting. Pro of this: the chips you’ll get might be more advanced than they are now :woman_shrugging:


Aww that’s kinda sweet.

If your parents find someone who can do the implant safely for you.

You may be the youngest person with a chip implant.

Maybe you already have an iPhone and think you need an android to get an implant. So you want to know when the iPhone app would be ready, the sooner the less money you actually need to get done.

I wonder how much you know about the Spark 2.

And don’t worry, the app is almost ready, I’m thinking somewhere about next month everyone can already get it on an iPhone.

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this this this. ver much this. by the time your 18 the vivokey apex will be a relic of the past and newer more cooler things will lie ahead. also a question i have hector

  • what use do you have for an implant right now? like what can be done with it? besides accessing vivokey
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I know too much about the spark 2 and I am a developer and I A programmer

Sorry, but I don’t think thats “sweet” or something to encourage him to do - like I said, the only option would be an assisted install by a non-pro, and I’ve seen not-so-good-things in that field. Especially considering nobody with a sane mind would do even an assisted install on someone that young.

And, though I may risk stepping on some toes now, when I look at his current, not-so-patient behaviour in this forum, it might be a good idea to spend a bit more time thinking about all that. Getting a bit more calm (and that’s coming from me, titan-magnet-hype-queen, yes^^), getting more used to healing procedures and all that. Sorry.


Awesome, then you could help with the app :stuck_out_tongue: /s

I’ll fix that for you:

I dont know too much about the spark2 and I want to be a developer and/or programmer when I grow up.


arent you 13?


No professional is implanting a 13 year old.

And no 13 year old is a professional developer.

The excitement is cool, but just be part of the community for now because you’re coming off like exactly the type of teenager who shouldn’t get a bodymod…


Yep, that was what I was trying to say, maybe I was too polite to be clear :smile:
Getting a mod and coping with the healing process requires some… dunno how to say… serenity? Things can always go wrong, and if the “excitement” is at the same level then, things tend to get worse.


Honestly hector, even if you have done all your research, know what you’re getting into, and have the patience and maturity , the main problem is still finding someone to install it for you. I say try to find someone who is willing AND competent in medical practice first and once you know you have someone that can do it, then order the implant.
Trust me. I also tried to get my implant young and just wasn’t able to. I had no option but to wait till I was 18 before anyone would do it for me and I suspect you will come to the same conclusion

Jesus H. Christ on a corndog…

I’m all for empowering kids and promoting new experiences, but them folks are asking for a visit from social services…


Eeeeh I would say they don’t so much “know” as that he just barely mentioned it in passing while they weren’t paying attention and they said “sure, honey, whatever you want” :wink:

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I think that really depends on a lot of different things… I started to live (mostly) on my own when I was 14 or 15, got my first piercings with 16 and lived a pretty “free” life, and my parents were okay with that. Simply because I showed before that I was able to keep agreements and be overall pretty reliable. So I think it’s okay for parents to allow a lot of stuff, considering their children behave accordingly… which might not be the case here, I think, but that’s just my humble opinion :wink:


16 ain’t 13. Not in the eyes of social services anyway. And particularly not if the kid doesn’t have a history of uncontrollable behavior that the parents have reasonably little influence over. I don’t know the OP, but it seems more like a fancy (however legit) than a rebellious act.

In short, social services take a dim view of overly permissive parents who let their children do things that can result in bodily harm when they’re at an age when they can and should say no.

Having said that, I know nothing of the OP and his parents. So this is just a generic comment. Still… this venture feels wrong to me somehow.

Yeah, I know… I’m just surrounded by far too many helicopter parents currently, who try to control and “protect” their kids from real life :wink:
So I’m just a bit happy about parents who allow “stupid stuff”^^

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Well you know what? You may be right. In any case, I ain’t judging, especially not from the other side of the internet. I’ve done my share of idiotic things as a kid, chief among which was picking up smoking at age 11. So far from me to judge.

All I said is that the parents might attract the wrong kind of attention with that underage implant crowdfunding thing.

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I’m more interested/concerned about who is installing it.

A professional, parental consent or not, installing an implant is a big red flag to me about the studio. A parent doing the install would make me wonder what they know about it all…

This Hector kids really annoying me now at first we tried helping and explaining now he’s spamming asking for money and ignoring people can we ban users?


I’m sorry I will stop

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