The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

First one might automatic as a “message successfully received, please be patient”

And then if it isn’t some kind of threat or tinfoil, it gets a canned vague blanket response?


I guess that makes sense. Maybe an aid clicks “read” and it sends. Just found it odd.

I did anonymously mail a letter containing various pictures of colorful snails to the White house, though I never did get a reply so I don’t think that really counts


I’ve written to my senators and my house rep a few different times, AFAIK it’s almost always aides that write the response. I’ve gotten a few different canned responses, mainly when asking for their stance on a bill that’s upcoming for a vote. I have gotten a few more personalized responses in the past though, and I believe they’ll sometimes consult the person in question to double check their positions (that way there’s no scandal later on if they do the opposite).


The worst response I’ve gotten was from senator Todd Young (Indiana), when I asked about his stance on net neutrality, and asked that he vote to protect it.

Regarding the FCC initially voting to reclassify internet as a Title II service (offering more protections) he responded that:
"I believe we must keep the internet ecosystem open and vibrant. I also believe that major decisions on how to regulate the internet ought to come from Congress, not unelected bureaucrats dreaming up how depression-era laws can regulate the internet. I believe it is imperative for Congress to work toward bipartisan, light-touch regulations that ensure the internet remains accessible and unrestricted by government intrusion for future generations. "

“Open and vibrant”, and “light-touch regulations” are some of the worst shit I’ve ever heard.

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Well, I have written to several politicians (and met some) and some send relevant responses and others send boilerplate “thanks, we got your message, vote for me” type things.

I am sure it is a result of their aides doing their best. I wonder how often the “thanks,…” Is a cover for “we don’t agree with you but we aren’t going to say that”.

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Okay so I want to turn a unused flex implant into an art piece but have no idea what to do, creative people help plz.
Its a wedge flex, my first purewrist conversion that disappeared for awhile (The Purewrist Saga ) in case you’re interested to hear about that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



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Interactive or static?

Do you remember @Coma s?

Framed with an X-Ray

It was her FlexNExT, with Blinkies

Definitely static. Just something I can put on the wall or a shelf/desk/etc.
Thought about encasing it in resin


If you answered static, that is what I would have suggested also.

You just need to decide on the shape.

Silicone moulds are a quick and simple option

Also, I’m not sure if you are aware, some casting resins put out different temperatures, so you probably want to take that into consideration and testing before commiting to your implant.
You want to find some low exothermic casting resin.

Sorry if that’s sucking eggs :egg: :egg:
Better safe than sorry
I would hate for you to have a shriveled up one

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What about a cast of your hand / wrist / forearm done in clear resin, with the implant suspended in an appropriate location.

Kinda like a visible man thing. But just a clear arm with implant.

Stick a couple of glassies in there too.


This is it, this is the idea


Or make a ballistic gel one so you can feel the squish with “bones” inside

Or you could buy one…Left or Right and Clear or Flesh coloured…Clear obviously for display purposes.

And you could carry out your own install of your own implant into it


Ballistic Gel Arm – Ballistic Dummy Lab


This YTer for all remotely interested in security


If you cast it, you’ll probably need to shave one hand/ forearm. That’ll get you some odd looks.

There’s a bunch of kits out there for taking a cast of your dick. Maybe you can upcycle the method / materials?

If you mount it on a base so that the hand is standing upright, you could illuminate it with RGB leds.

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@Pilgrimsmaster already mentioned it, so this is what I made of my little flexie once it had to leave my body:


It’s pretty simple, just a reader stuck behind a wooden frame, but it lights up the blinkies :wink:
And I just like the x-ray behind it.

But the idea with the transparent arm / hand is really insane, especially if you can light it up somehow! Curious to see that! :slight_smile:


Haha, I was distracted, I thought you were talking about your x-ray frame… See below…I could have just deleted it, but meh…you still might want to

** — **
if it was me:-

Cut thick-ish ( The width of LED strip) white perspex slightly larger than the glass but smaller in the frame, run and stick face down the LED light strip around the perimeter ideally using the same power supply as your xAC, which should then give you a diffused light illuminating the background and therefore your x-ray, if you use RGB LED light strip you may be able to get a blue-y -greenish glow to replicate an old school X-RAY.

By the way,
Your xray doesn’t neet yo be lit up, it looks awesome as is
It should only be a few euro all up.

I doubt you will, but obviously, if you need any help or further explanation, just ask

Thanks for the idea! :wink:
But to be honest, it might distract too much from the blinkies, so I think I’ll just leave it as it is now - the main “attraction” should be the flexie here^^

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“google drive user was overseas, broke / lost their phone, and needed emergency workaround for 2FA”… get an implant man… jeeze.


This project looks useful:

I also found some chinese modules that are similar; you can find them if you search for “Sboard”. I think that those are made by Secukey but are available under several brands. However, I prefer the open source version.

What I like about these small boards is the size and that you can use of the shelf waterproof readers.

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