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I’m glad to hear that the other bot is still ok. Stay safe, @Pilgrimsmaster!

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We just heard that they cancelled the tsunami watch for our area. I didn’t check out the ocean earlier, but I did hear that they saw some higher than normal waves in California.

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Paypal being sued
in case anyone is interested.


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Not a cloud in the sky , 27⁰C (~80°F), just a puff of wind …

I just had a swim at the beach.
High tide, barely a ripple…Nice and warm…that must be from the Lava :grimacing:



satur9’s preferred pronouns are it/it’s :slight_smile:


Oh. Noticed my mistake as well. Fixed the spelling.

Poor Satur9.

I shall see my self out. Fuck. My English is not working. I’m sorry for that.

Your English is fine… I was just being deliberately obtuse. “Fixed it” could have referred to Satur9 or your use of pronouns. :unicorn_good_luck:

Thats the only one I struggle with (pronouns wise) taught from a younge age that “it” is offensive so still dosnt feel right saying it but as with everything I’m sure we will all become a custom to it.

Same here in Germany… we have er/sie/es, so equally to he/she/it, and calling someone “es” would be massively offensive. Similar to reducing someone to a “thing”, not even accepting that they’re human in a way. So… sorry @Satur9 for calling you they/them quite frequently here, I will definitely try to swap to “it”, but feel free to correct me if I happen to use the wrong one again :wink:

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The thing is, in English the term “they” is equivalent to “it” in essence, and was a perfectly good way to refer to a person in a gender non-specific way, before gender pronouns came into the social spotlight.

In linguistics and grammar, a pronoun is a word or a group of words that one may substitute for a noun or noun phrase.

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Don’t worry, I volunteered to be fixed :wink: can highly recommend.

You’re working under the assumption that being human is desirable. We’re terrible creatures. I’ll side with the artificial any day. I’d prefer to be an animate object.

I never mentioned it so there’s really no way you could have known. They is a perfectly acceptable default, and if someone gets upset about using it when you don’t know the person’s preference then they’re just trying to stir up trouble.

I don’t usually communicate or enforce my preferred pronouns because there are plenty of people (like trans people) who have suffered for theirs. As someone who has had it very easy in life, enforcing mine would feel silly. Some platforms like the Discord require you pick though, and I’m not going to lie. I’m an it.


Today is a holiday for me (MLK day) so naturally I decided to replace one of the door handles on my wife’s jeep. (Salt air does a number on steel parts)

The door handles are well designed. But whoever designed the door could have designed better access holes. The exterior door handle has a six inch hole about 10 inches away from it, and a slightly larger hole near the bottom of the door. I look like I was trying to cut my wrists with a butter knife. Never mind that the door is actually thinner than my forearm in places.

Anyway, we now have a working driver’s side exterior door handle!

ETA it only took me 3 hours to install. I have at least learned how best to hurt myself for the next door handle.


Don’t wanna polute the endochron thread,

Has anyone looked at how the wifi power harvesting stuff compares to the beta voltiacs? Flesh might cause too much shielding possibly

Yeah, I’ve looked into wifi and Bluetooth power harvesting. Unfortunately they don’t look viable.

  1. you need there to actually be 2.4GHz signals in the vicinity to capture, and you’re sapping power from them
  2. the capacitance of your skin will attenuate more more than 75% of the signal strength at 1mm depth
  3. the antennas need to be very large and flat, and tuning is normally somewhat difficult, but much more so in a body with belligerent and numerous parasitics.

If somebody wants to try it they’re more than welcome. I just don’t think it will work and couldn’t in good conscience ask someone to shed blood for a test that I believe is doomed to failure.

That’s fair, I knew it wasn’t going to produce much juice, just wondered how 25% of not much compared to a betavotic

I’d be a willing test subject, just don’t have the know how :frowning:
Though if anyone would like to send me some new prototypes, I’d be more than willing to get them installed and test them out for you, especially if it’s got blinkies :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the yellow star some people have next to their avatar, like @amal for instance?