The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Came across this meme and though that it could make some of you laugh:



Iceman is giving away a chameleon tiny on twitter

In case anyone might be interested.


It would be interesting to see, I don’t know how reliable a comment or “merch message” would be to get in contact with him or his team. I don’t know if maybe emailing their public business email might be a better option if your trying to give them video ideas or WAN show talking points.

I would definitely watch any video they did on it though (if they ever would).

I was thinking of just doing a merch message,
Eventually it would be amusing to see a full episode, but I’m setting the bar low just to see if I can draw out a “it seems cool” or “hell naw, I want nothing to do with that”

I gotta be honest, I do appreciate their concept of it,
I know it’s largely based in not getting nickel and dined by big daddy google, but I appreciate the concept that you aren’t just throwing money into the void…. Worst case you still got something for any money you spent vs something like a super chat


Yeah I like the concept of merch messages. I’ll never be able to catch a livestream, but it would be good to have for those that do and want to say something to the staff. I don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent on their store, those WAN sweatpants are amazing.

I love my water bottle

That’s my plan to snag a water bottle

While I don’t worship at the feet of LTT
I support his putting his money where his mouth is with frame work, so I suppose I can do the same

Just trying to word a short and concise message to get read, but to avoid “hur hur don’t track me bro”

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Linus talking about biohacking would either be amazing for the community, or one of the worst things to happen to it. I don’t see a lot of in-between :stuck_out_tongue:


Speak now or forever hold your peace I guess lol


The only YouTube mech item I have is a multimeter. A 121GW for that meter…

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Message showed on screen, had to super trim it to keep under 256

Typed resolve was shown

“Linus wants one, but it hasn’t happened…yet”



@amal, I’d start pounding on that door… it’s about as open of a mind as your going to find lol

Or it’s just a brush off… either way it wasn’t a no lol


Plus, although it’s across the border, LMG is only 2 hours from Seattle (In Surrey, BC just outside of Vancouver). Fairly close as far as any type of collab goes.

Would love to see something happen with this.


Imagine if we actually brought linus up to speed about the Visa/MasterCard stuff and he put them on blast in regards to payment stuff

:thinking::exploding_head: one can dream

It’s a semi bullshit offer, but I’d foot the bill for a NExT or xSIID if he actually has it installed (and not immediately taken out)


Wasn’t Linus remodeling his new house? I don’t watch his channel that often but I see an oprtunity to get him to set up a reader or smart lock for the implant and maybe even get a few reviews on smart locks that include information about implant compatibility.

Well, a cyborg can dream…


I tried to incorporate that pitch

But you try to sell all the things and prevent tinfoil knee jerking

… all in 256 characters or less


I just saw an Ebay advert on a website. Six images below which it just said “Ebay Just the thing you wanted”

I can only assume that they try and customize the images for each potential customer, but if so they have a really odd idea of what I might want.

The three images on the top row were…

A typewritten list that I couldn’t read taped into a book.

A “stock list” that appeared to be parts for a Ford Escape.

A letter from Tug McGraw to a fan.

On the bottom row the images were equally odd.

A car on a hoist that had clearly hit something very hard (the engine compartment was now triangular, the windscreen was shattered, the car was totalled).

A list of clothing size comparisons.

A photocopied page from what looked like a car service manual.

I really have to wonder what Ebay thinks of me based on that assemblage.

You’re obviously a mechanic who spends all day listening to country and shopping for clothes lol


I honestly feel a bit better about the algorithms… they are garbage

I forget how, but you can dig into your facebook data, to see what things they associate with you

and its just a fucking field day… now only were there thousands of tags, most of them were not even remotely accurate…

to top it off, it seems to just randomly gererate associated tags…
I deleted ALL of them, and then turned off my phone, and logged back in 5 minutes later,… .
not having used any device… or done anything electronically
and there were like 50 tags, one of them was “rock climbing”…
lol at no point in the past 5 minutes did I do anything regarding rock climbing, nor do I have any interest in it… gravity is not my friend in general, and its one of the few sports my mangled wrist would likely prevent me for succeeding in

basically I think the algorithm, is so swamped in its own data that its almost self broken

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Tim McGraw is a country singer, Tug McGraw was a baseball player. I should add that I listen to country more than I watch/follow baseball. And I don’t listen to Country.

I avoid Facebook. I tried to join back when they first started and you had to be a college attendee or graduate.

They didn’t want me as neither of my degrees were from American universities. I have since managed to avoid them with the exception of whatever embedded tracking they have in other sites.