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Yes that lock is LF, I have one as well that I posted to the chip comparability matrix, the internals mrln posted look almost identical to the one I got


@mrln any chance it’s broken?


Has there been any update on the NT2? I don’t recall seeing any but if I’ve missed one can someone link :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t think so, unless I have missed it also :man_shrugging:

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Hey mate, so I just threw together 2 “Quick start” guides to set up a PM3 with you in mind.

Amal’s is very thorough with a lot of info, even if your first language was English, it is a lot to take in.

So I “dumbed” his down, and I made 2 versions

This one is a Step by step without the background info or explanations as to what and why you are doing it ( I think this might be a good one for you to try )
I wrote it as I did a clean build myself , so if you are on Windows 10 :crossed_fingers: you should be able to follow it step by Step

I did another that basically has just the commands, so super simple ( IF everything works as it should )

I would be keen to hear your thoughts if you try it

Good luck

Of course, if you get stuck, just ask…

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Heads up if anyone is interested, I’ll be installing my Titan in -P0 tonight live on the discord 10pmish cst


I’ll be checking IDs at the bar, might get some weird looks from the customers while I’m watching your install XD

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And recorded to share later and elsewhere?

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I had planned to but forgot :sweat_smile:
Kinda glad though it would’ve been slightly embarrassing

Ok, back!! =P
(yeah, I was missing my computer)

Sorry it has been so long that the topic kinda died and I don’t want to necrobump. >.<
But I did promise I would finish the reply to @Coma!

It is real. Just as muchh real as the harm it causes! Exactly why it needs to be abolished. :wink:

It only makes so it’s actually unnecessary.

We make them be important only because we make gender into an overly important thing.
And again, the only thing that comes from tese constructs, just like from gender, is pain and suffering.

You don’t need any of those words to feel attracted to someone. You just do.
But as soon as we ave those constructs, we create a whole tangle mess:

If you want to Identify as heterossexual, you can never feel any attraction for someone of the opposite gender. So what happens when you happen to feel attracted by someone and figure out that it’s a same gender person?
That’s the birth of homophobia right there.

What if a heterossexual guy starts to flirt with the cute girl on the bar just to figure out she’s a transgender? Transphobia right there.

These terms are all too tied up to gender and outgrew their purpose.
They were usefull in a “simpler society, where men were manly and women were delicate flowers”, so they conveyed a lot of meaning in a few words.

But in modern days… these words literally mean nothing.
To convey your sexual orientation you must use at least a dozen words now, least we won’t know whhat you really mean. (i.e. the use of such outdated descriptors causes more confusion than clarity)

So both the constructs behind those words, just as much as the words themselves, should be abolished to reduce confusion and suffering.

In a perfect society I might agree here. I do love differences, uniqueness, creativity…

But our society ostracises everything that is different. Even the outcasts tend to isolate the differences instead of embracing it. “you like Iron maiden? then you’re not a metalhead. Maiden is soooo basic. Yadda, yadda, yadda”

Sometimes I think… An ideal place is one where everyone is unique. everyone is different. but then, if everyone is different, then no one is different anymore. just like “in a land of giants, no one is tall anymore”

So… yeah, I do get that point, I like it, but question it out of the philosophic space.

A very good point.
I’m also a strong advocate of acidic humour. It allows you to get in touch with things you need to but are too noxious/harmful.
But it does require someone to be strong and secure about itself wen it touches your own dark topics.
So I totally get it why people would feel offended and hurt as well by humour used on delicate topics (then I kinda pitty them for being that fragile/hurt and that only makes things worse) >.<

Heh… Not any different to me. XD
Got literally dragged out of te computer 'till now! >.<

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Remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.


Insert dumb NFT joke here.


What does NFT mean again? :sweat_smile:

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Anybody have a way I can log time and date of reads on an ACR-122U to a text file that I can leave running continuously for ~a week

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I could throw a Python script together in a few minutes. How often do you want it to poll (in case you need to leave a tag on there for more than a quick tap)?

Any preferred format for the output? Other than just:

2022-01-24 14:28:10 (insert tag UID here)


That output format is fine. It would be nice if it could poll every 5 minutes for one use case where the chip is constantly in the field, but in the second use case the chip will be removed from the field and reintroduced once every 500ms or so.

I have windows 7, 10, and Ubuntu computers available. I was having trouble getting PC/SC to run on Linux though. Ideally I could use a raspberry pi, but I don’t have my hopes up about that.

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@darthdomo was a big help, and provided me this this nfcpy script.
logger.txt (877 Bytes)

We hit a snag though. There seems to be some kind of issue with nfcpy and newer revisions of the ACR-122U

It would be great if I could log using the windows utility SmartPCSCDiag that amal gave me. It has a “Save Report” function that does everything I need, but it doesn’t allow me to save reports automatically on an interval. (305.2 KB)