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I did acually think about that one, but thought it way scare some people off…

I didn’t think about that one, do you mean just the needle? or the whole assembly? :syringe:
The needle itself would need to be a solid I guess.
Would people actually want it?
Again, would it not potentially scare people off?
It will take me a little longer than 1 minute to draw up like the others?
The thread is for anybody to contribute, so if you want to feel free.

Also thanks for not posting your question in the thread… like some did in you Show off thread

I have one palm side of the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. I have a video of playing with another magnet here. Hopefully it embeds correctly.


Mostly just to be comprehensive

I would say also to help potential installers get a sense… but they should be able to go off gauge sizing

I think I lean… the people that are going to be scared will be scared either way

But knowledge and physical examples are good things


…yea… if it were up to me, I’d clean it of all chatter

I had thought about doing it for you, I sounds like it is STILL bothering you :wink: , I will just throw all the chatter in here…

Wait one…or two

There was lots of stuff that flowed with the images / videos, in the form of Q and As, throwing them here would make no sense, so I made a new thread, here

You can name it what you like

It still makes little sense without context, but I know why you wanted a clean thread.

Anyway, all done

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Lol appreciated, didn’t mean to make you…
But I also don’t mind :wink:
I felt like the idea was just to be able to have a gallery of stuff in use as a resource for new people, or media if someone’s running a biohacker village

We just have a tendency of detailing things
(I’m no innocent)

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Does it sense well? Could you do push-ups and stuff without pain?

Yes and Yes. The sensing is really close to what you get with the finger install. It did take a little bit for the magnet to settle in though so best to be gentle with it for a month or two. The only time you will really notice the magnet is if you use a spray bottle with that hand shortly after the install but that is less of an issue if you get it installed on your non-dominant hand. I only pinched on it once when I was trying to remove the spark plugs out of my project car. Someone had gorilla’d the number 3 plug into place and I grabbed the wrench a little awkwardly. Other than that It has been a lovely experience. For doing pushups and wrenching the finger magnet hasn’t given me very many issues either.

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My tattoo artist said he’d be willing to tattoo over a glassie implanted in a piece of meat, and I may be able to have someone take the implant to school to put under a microscope to look for damage. Would it be of any use to the community? I know there’s been talks about tattooing over implants, I don’t remember seeing an experiment done though, and I have a an xEM still in the injector but not sterile so I can spare it for sciiiience lol


My thoughts if you wanted to hear

Ramblings of a mad man

Just because he may not hit the implant on the test sample (Meat :meat_on_bone: ) doesn’t mean he won’t on the implant on the test subject ( You image )

I would suggest the best option ( IF possible ) Is get the tattoo first, then implant where you want it afterwards, and touch up the implant scar if required.
Obviously, if you already have the implant in place, that plan is redundant. Also installing after the tattoo, your implant placement is not 100% guaranteed.

You could move the skin from above the implant, but then there is a risk of image distortion, however If you can utilise negative space in the design then the needle doesn’t need to go above the implant
Also mark it out clearly so the artist knows where it is and when to start being more cautious



I was thinking about putting the implant shallow enough in the meat so the needle would make contact with the xEM. In theory, the needles shouldn’t hit an implant (as far as I know), but thought an experiment where the implant does get hit would give insight on what could happen if an artist digs too deep and does hit the implant.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, now I get ya!

I think the needle depth is normally 1.5-2mm

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Another idea, admittedly a bit bonkers

Sterilize local area to implant
Using as small of a needle as possible, make an exit hole
Squeeze implant out
Tattoo area
Shove implant back in

I feel like keeping everything sterile while trying to tattoo a 1x1 area and then putting the implant back in it’s pocket is probably more hassle than it’s worth

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I’ve had a handful of artists with seemingly different sized housing tips (no idea what they’re called) so I think needles can go in at different depths and that’s what scares me about getting a tattoo over an implant. Though I don’t plan on getting tats on my hands for a while, but I’ve thought about it.

It’s a good idea, though I’ve had all 3 glassies migrate after implantation, and one even rotate 45° lol

I will double check with my stepdaughter (she is a tattoo artist) but I am pretty sure that they can adjust the depth on their tattoo guns. My wife has pretty thin skin for example and my stepdaughter usually has to adjust quite a bit to get the depth right (too deep bleeds the colour too much).

I believe it is a combination of the tip and needle used, and an adjustment on the gun itself. (The tip and needle are paired in size)

Confirmed my daughter is co-owner of a tattoo parlour/tattoo school so I hope she knows. :laughing:


Just a random note towards that - my artist has a (steel :roll_eyes: ) implant in his hand, one of the first that were ever implanted, and he recently had his hands tattoed as well, directly above the implant. Totally no problem. The tattoo was done by an artist who does handpoking (on a really professional level, so no “selfmade stick and poke” stuff^^), and I really wonder if its harder or easier to keep a steady depth that way, compared to a machine… but maybe handpoking could be a safer alternative here, I don’t know :woman_shrugging:

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I imagine that these implants are for orthopedic purposes, so those are likely screwed to the bones instead of resting in the facia close to the skin.

Unless it’s a subdermal made of steel. This is something I’ve never about as most cosmetic implants are made of silicone.

Nope, it’s a subdermal. And yes, it’s steel because silicone implants simply didn’t exist back then^^
It was the fifth implant or so that was ever done, so it’s some decades old by now :wink:


Going in the same spot on both hands.

I do not think mentally I would enjoy having in one hand in a specific spot, and the other side not match.

I barely like having one side of my nose pierced.

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