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New project possible

Shotgun rack from a police cruiser
+xACv2 maybe? :thinking:

Just need to make it more secure than police are happy with lol :joy:


Probably not, won’t be able to secure what I want in any meaningful way… easier to just get a small single rifle safe and mod that


If you watched any of the lockpicking lawyer videos with those the solenoids are not shielded from magnets at all. Probably not a good idea to use them.

It’s safe from magnetic attack, I already played with that… also I can’t get a shim in, the hinge has a bit of a cam to it, no gap when it’s closed

I don’t see any room to change the handcuff key core out for anything decent though

Do you need the handcuff key core? You could always just fill it with epoxy.

That was my thought…

I was thinking CA glue, worst case I could possibly irritate with acetone if I ever truely needed to override somehow… not a great chance of success, but possible

I think it’s official. DT needs to make a tiktok :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
(I’d be willing to run it just saying Amal)

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I wonder when dsruptive will release those temperature sensing implant to consumers…id love to have one


@anon3825968 been a while since I’ve seen your name pop up
up to anything?


found an answer on their instagram from a few weeks ago! :slight_smile: coming sooon™



I hope DT or maybe even KSEC works something out with them, because it looks like they wont sell to individuals


My guess is, that means, they will only send to piercers, so as to prevent self installs.
So therefore not to resellers like DT and KSEC.

Again, that’s just my take on it…

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Why can’t we all get along and sell to everyone? Lol

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Its funny you mention that. My brain seems to get confused with no longer being symmetrical on each hand. Every now and then I get a twinge from my right finger even though there is nothing there. I don’t know if anybody else has had something like this.

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Hand poking may or may not offer more depth control but what it does do is use a needle that isn’t jabbing I to the skin with significant force 30-60 times a second. It’s the force of the needle slamming into glass over and over that concerns me. You could poke a glassie with a needle slowly and it’ll just move… typically speaking anyway.


Has there been any actual test of tattoo needle to implant?

I might be able to talk to my guy and take him a shitty Chinese tag and see what happens

Trust but verify… or something

It does sound like bad juju tho… sharp metal hitting glass :-/


I have a spare xEM that’s no longer sterile. Was thinking about having an artist here do it, or I can send it to someone. I don’t see myself implanting it. Willing to sacrifice it for sciiiience if someone else with more know how wants to do it!

Why sacrifice a real xEM? That can be properly sterilized

The shitty Chinese glass tags will never be good enough to implant so who cares if they die?

Admittedly the glass is probably a different quality

That’s not bad - if it doesn’t break, surely an xSeries won’t break either. If it breaks, it might be worth trying another test with an “official” implant.

Yeah, here, want one! :smile:


In the quick skim of their site, they mentioned cloud functionality…

I seriously hope they are stupid enough to make it only function with their cloud services

Question is, if it reads out temperature by phone, how will it be displayed? I guess there has to be some kind of app or something like that, and - as usual - I’m a bit concerned about the privacy. I don’t want to have my temperature stored in some cloud, I’d like to have it on my phone, preferably exportable as an .xlsx or something like that.