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Why would anyone need or want a cloud connected thermometer? Am I missing something?

The correct question is - why would any company want a cloud connected thermometer? Put that way, the answers come far easier.


The answers to that question make me feel a bit uneasy. I don’t want my phone’s data collection inside of my body, carrying that thing in my pocket is already enough…

My question is:
What is so special about you or your temperature?

I use the Withings Thermometer twice a day, the associated app backs up to a cloud. Could somebody see my measurements? Maybe, but I’m nobody and everybody has a temperature.

I’m I missing something here?

If you do not see how some random company having continious health measurements on you is dangerous, what can we say?

What if they sell that data to your insurance company and they find you have a higher risk of whatever and thus you have to pay more?

This is just “I have nothing to hide” and that’s a very dangerous statement.

You do not know, you can’t know. If this is important will be determined by some analysis system in the future.
It’s one more data point that can be used against you.
I’m sure advertisers will find a way to monetize your temperature.
“You seem to have a fever, order corona tests at blaaa.tld”


I could see that.

In this instance there’s no information other than a forwarding email address associating me with those temperatures.

I’m honestly more concerned about my browsing history getting out.

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An email address is a perfect identifier, combined with your IP address I’m sure you could link this temperature to the browsing history your ISP has on you (okay they know which websites only, not exactly the full history).

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Your right


I guess my life is ruined.

Pi-Hole, setup with DNS-over-HTTPS and the ISP doesn’t have browsing information on you, you’re in control. Of course ultimately, Google, CloudFlare, … is the DNS backend so they know what you ask to resolve. If you setup Pi-Hole with unbound, you manage also the resolving part.

Probably nothing… but collectively it could be very valuable to a company to leverage for profit. The problems come with the potential for abuse… either by bad actors (hackers, company employees, etc.) or by the company itself selling individualized reports to say insurance companies or other 3rd parties who could take actions based on the data with no context or really any discussion with you about it.

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If you are not using a VPN then the ISP can redirect you through a proxy (and for efficiency should) and then they do have your browsing history. Pi-hole doesn’t resolve that.

Https can stop that, or can be cached via what is in effect a man in the middle attack.

Of course if you use a VPN your VPN provider has the same ability to track you that your ISP did. This is why things like TOR exist.

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With DNS-Over-HTTPS, it does. Your ISP just sees regular HTTPS requests to some other servers. It’s that server that does the resolving. Scott Helme has some great information about this.

Nope, dns over https just stops them from seeing what DNS requests you make. They still see the HTTPS traffic, and can still perform a MITM attack on it.

Whether it is worthwhile for them to do for just your traffic is another point, but it is still possible. Of course any tracking measures employed by the websites you visit are also still in play.

Edited to add: Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word resolve in that context. Pi-hole does not stop the ISP from tracking your full requests using caching and MITM attacks.

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Someone is tracking you no matter what you do.

I gave up an email address to join this forum. So now I might be judged by an insurance company based on my curiosity about implants?

Your medical files are already stored on a server or cloud. Information about your birth, your parents, your marriage/divorce, your property are all public record and becoming digitally stored everyday. You put your name, address, eating habits, most anything you buy and where you buy it all nicely bagged up in the garbage on the street, now public property. Imagine your insurance company getting that info.

I will gladly continue to trade some useless info for the use of the internet.

I would be more embarrassed about my calculator history

Luckily, this exists


:joy: I can relate to that

Yes, and I think that it’s unsettling that this stuff is insanely easy to access nowadays. Knowing a thing or two about osint is not good for insomnia…

True but that’s not nearly as easy to collect as your electronic garbage… And at least I like to remove shipping labels and barcodes containing serial numbers before throwing boxes away.


I didn’t mean to start a privacy derail, more of a “I don’t want to be reliant on internet connection or 3rd party functions” for my implant to function