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Have I got some news about the Apex for you.

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You’re still connecting to certain IPs and TLS <1.3 has basically the same info unencrypted.
Just look at how China blocks certain stuff even with DoH.

No, they still see who you are talking to.

Yes. This is the only solution.

Wdym? I can sure as heck still use it without internet and completely without using VivoKey stuff. E.g. sign something with PGP, no internet required.

I guess it is dependent on use case.

I will fix that.

Our very own @Zwack is pretty good

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They see who you are talking to (sigint) but not what you are actually saying (unless they do perform a MITM attack and they are right there so that they could do it easily enough). That was what I meant.

TOR also has its weaknesses but there are limits to how paranoid you can get and still be online.

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Not a patch on The not so civil engineer, but I have upset people before by telling them exactly what they didn’t want me to say. (Hint: don’t post a picture of a building and say “guess where in Europe I am” if you don’t want an answer.)


Ok so DNS over https handles the resolver requests… the ISP can just see the IP address you’re talking to but in the days of massive server farms sharing load balancer IPs, CDNs, etc. that is fairly useless data at this point.

With MITM attacks… how exactly could an ISP do that successfully considering signed certs? This isn’t China… so actually how easy would it be for an ISP to successfully execute a MITM attacks to derive SSL traffic for sites and services with signed certs?


The problem with this is how do these big clouds know where to route the encrypted request?
There’s something called Server Name Identification, SNI, so even without DNS you can identify the target host. TLS 1.3 solved that by somehow encrypting that aswell, but I’m not sure there aren’t other ways to leak the server name. Many sites dont use 1.3 yet. Also, I’m not sure that the certificate doesn’t leak when making the handshake, not too familiar tbh.

ISPs can generate certificates as long as they have already persuaded you that they are a valid CA. There is enterprise software that does this already for companies to track what their employees are up to.

So, it comes down to whether you verify every certificate you are sent. I am not saying that anyone is doing this yet, just that they could.

Unfortunately the organisations capable of this are also the ones most likely to do this.

Kazakhstan recently forced everyone to install their root CA, and then browser makers had to fight back iirc. Defenitely something to think about.


I recently saw an extension for certificate pinning, so you actually have to do that.
I’ll see if I can find it.
EDIT: found it

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As long as… So if they have already got their root CA into your browser you are screwed. The problem comes when they make it so that you want (or need) their CA cert for some other reason.

Yeah, I mean the idea is if you want to do the development work yourself or someone else in the community has already done it, then you don’t need VivoKey involved in your Apex applet. The VivoKey official applets are for the rest of the people who just want it to work :sweat_smile:


I don’t speak german so I don’t have a clue on what they are saying, but I think that someone is trying to make a blinky that’s signifficanly larger than the xSIID and xLED implants.


That is awesome! XD
Can we get something like that for the guys downstairs?
I want my special bits to shine too XD

IIRC, someone implanted a xSIID down there at some point…

Interesting, I think I’d rather do matching downstate magnets with my gf. That might be fun lol

Make sure you orientate for attraction rather than repel

It’s a good write up

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Ehhh just use a large magnet and flip it if it doesn’t have the right polarity :stuck_out_tongue:

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interesting application line of thought,

Sensing magnet in sex organ, and another magnet in a partner that is …ahem… oscillating, could cause interesting benefits


Sensing magnet in sex organ, and pair it with with something like the speaker coils for the Tragus project… could be interesting and fun :wink:

I’d guess it would be of more benefit the higher the nerve ending per area

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