The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I have something like an xSeries near there on the middle finger of my left hand.

What does “like an x series” mean? Lol

It means I was young and dumb and ordered these things off of Alibaba


It’s been in for 11 years now without an issue though!

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Well, it’s older than Dangerous Things… But probably not as safe.

I think that someone had implanted an x series in that spot but I can’t find the thread. Of course there are risks involved with having a glass tube close to a bone.

Well, it’s older than Dangerous Things… and absolutely not as safe. Fixed that for you, lol.

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Until I saw the answers to you above, the only implants in that location that I was aware of, was Amal and Rosco with Flex’s but no x’s

Your fingers are chunkier than mine, but for me atleast, my finger skin would be too tight for an xSeries to sit atop the bone there, but thats just my 2cents

Here’s the mess of a thread I was talking about:

For some reason I thought they were all palm side…guess not

2 of them are the rest of them are topside

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Yeah, I just saw that on your silly goose - Album on Imgur

more since then, i’ll update it in the morning gmt


Another alcohol journal: If any of y’all haven’t tried a gimlet, highly highly recommended. One of my favorites now. Just london dry gin and Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice (it’s a Lime cordial). 1.5 oz of each (or however much in 1:1 ratio), stirred over ice, strained into a glass. You can find the lime cordial at any big liquor store, or grocery store. Normally with lime juice you’d shake a drink, but lime cordial behaves differently.

If you like sour/tart drinks, it’s really good, and super easy to make. It’s my lazy drink currently. I really like gin, and it lets me taste a lot of the gin while cutting some of the harshness with citrus and sweetness.

I’ve tried a lot of cocktails in the last 2 months, and it’s probably my #2 or #3 favorite right now. Current order is probably Tom Collins, gimlet, and then a whiskey sour.


I haven’t seen it mentioned at all and I am curious, Any one with a magnet implant fiddle with any magic props that use magnets?
Like the light bulbs that light up “without power” or the “self” unscrewing nut and bolt?
Seems like a fun thing to do with a titan in the finger tip


That sounds fun! The only magic I do is pick up a bottle cap and put it back on top of the bottle with the magnet lol


I just need to pull the trigger and buy the titan.


I think not having purchased one yet, is better than having 2 of the first run purchased and in their boxes still.

I get the MRI I needed in like 2 weeks. After that, I plan to get them put in.

Didn’t someone put theirs palm side, where the L is of the forefinger and thumb?

I think I want one in each hand there.


Maybe a flex needle and a regular x series injector needle in your physical thread?

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Don’t forget that there are two sizes of injectors.

Add a splash of Angostura Bitters to make it a rose gimlet. Nice hint of spice.


Oooo, I bought some angostura bitters recently, and have been using them in my sours and old fashioneds .Really liking what they’ve been adding. I’ll have to try that for sure. Thanks for the tip.