My stoopid implant locations (because im an idiot) #TOAST

so @Pilgrimsmaster and @DonFire pinged me about my recent turn of events when I underwent implanting 6 different implants in one session and for them I chose some very stupid places.


I’m a cheap teenager in the middle of covid so i couldn’t afford/literally could not get an installer and have micro amounts of medical experience due to having some chronic medical issues surrounding needles so i have done all 13 implants and one removal by myself, this is a terrible idea and i strongly recommend against it.

I’m a person of a larger stature so i tend to have more skin where most people could not afford to fit an implant so i went in the base of 4 of my fingers and in the back of my palms perpendicular to the bones leading into the fingers: imgur folder of photos: silly goose - Album on Imgur

in my right palm back i have a NExT
in my left palm back i have an xSIID blue :}

in my inside base knuckle middle finger on the right hand side: xg3
outside base knuckle middle finger on the right hand side: xg3v2 (no they don’t attract each other i checked)

on the outside back base knuckle of my pointer finger on the right hand is an xm1

on the outside back of my ring finger on my left hand is an xem

and i hear you say “but andy isn’t there like tendons and important blood thingies in some of the locations you just described” and to that i say yes, yes there is. i am a fool and the fact i did not loose motor function to some or most of either of my hands in this charade i call an existence is pure luck do not attempt to do what i do, i am an untrained unprofessional with 0 licence to do this and would only ever attempt this on myself never another person

“I imagine the usability would be really good but have you had any “good knocks?” or “oh shit moments””
uh to be honest not really, I can fist bump the reader with my xm1 so that’s fun but I’ve not really had a panic moment with em, the install was fine except for the fact I’m right handed and most of them are in my right hand :sweat_smile:

honestly tho? the locations i have in my fingers kinda have opened a door for me with implant locations due to the fact I’m a chonky fella and have the fat stores to hold them I’m thinking i could get away with some others in other fingers but this is for when new things come out and I’m not poor anymore.

once again, don’t do this. dangerous things STRONGLY advise against self implanting, if you’re looking for somewhere to implant check out the implant sutra and if you need help finding an installer near to you check out the partner map you do not want something to go wrong when dealing with big needles and blood vessels, stay safe and get chipped by a pro

i will be fielding any questions anyone has if they have em but i wont respond if you just call me an idiot in the comments because i already know this. my conscience has already been impacted by @Devilclarke doing his xG3v2 install in his finger and it not going well


Which is it that’s implanted palm side middle finger?(the one in the imgur video at the bottom) xG3 v1 or v2? I’m a chonky fella as well and have considered palm side non dominant hand for a few of mine (with the help of a doctor ofc). Do you have any issues with gripping heavy stuff or just gripping in general?
P.S. I enjoy watching you poke the chip upwards, I have no idea why

palm side middle finger is an xg3 v1 :} 0 gripping issues thus far and i carry heavy things a lot

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You silly goose

Not too cheap it would seem…

Great Post, and it’s pretty clear that you don’t reccomend those positions to others.

I’m curious about 2 things:

I’m not having a go, I am actually super curious why you chose those positions rather than the more “nomal” common positions

You didnt mention your butt implants, did you do those also. (we don’t need photos :camera_flash: )

Thanks for the share.


i chose there because most of my available spaces were taken up or reserved for bigger soon to come implants read: apex

i also liked the general versatility of the area and due to the density of my fingers i can either palm slap or straight up punch my way into rooms and i like that, once again silly teenager



The gripping surface is a nogo for me, do not like

But I’ve been curious about outer finger bases for a while

In theory it could allow me to expand my left hand some more, and the fist bump :fist_right: would provide a 90° to my nearby knuckle implants possibly preventing cross talk

I probably would have gone left or right or centerline, the squishier less tendon and bone portion lol

Did you experience any negative effects so far or damage tendons or just that you COULD have?

… some of us might


Just want to mention my install didn’t go well due to extraneous circumstances nothing to do with the install or location. My son injured himself while I was installing it and I had to stop so was left with a half installed mess anyway I fixed it and it’s doing well.


Very interesting, which diameter x series?

Mines an xg3v2 (3x15mm)

Can’t stress both of these enough! :laughing:

seriously, thanks for the share!! ^^

Bloody’ell, that’s a cuntload of badluck!!

Hope all is well with both!

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Aye was a pain but other than the hole in my hand all was good he just needed a cuddle :slight_smile:


Haha, I don’t use the emoticons often… but your cuddle comment required one


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The implant on the underside of your finger, spanning a joint where you’re going to grip on things is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. You gain no respect from me by acknowdledging your stupidity or telling others not to follow your actions.

As a teenager you shouldn’t be doing the things you’re doing, you’re making bad life choices due to your lack of experience and knowledge, when you’re an adult looking back on this you’ll agree with me. As a unsupervised teenager I would recommend staying away from needles and implants as a hobby.

I would recommend seeking medical / adult help in removing the implant on the underside of your finger for your own safety.


I Love andy for trying that, and posting it!!!

ANDY Love ya :* hahaha

It was their desicion, i think they knew its propable stupid and if its in the way for grip some stuff of course theyre gonna remove it - or not.

You got my full Support! @Equipter :heavy_heart_exclamation:

As a teenager you shouldn’t be doing the things you’re doing, you’re making bad life choices due to your lack of experience and knowledge, when you’re an adult looking back on this you’ll agree with me. As a unsupervised teenager I would recommend staying away from needles and implants as a hobby.

UMMMMM im 22 now, and i dis some hilarious stupid shit in the past, and i did NEVER Regret anything!

If anybody would have told me that i would tell them to PISS OFF

it cannot be ruled out that the author of this post is hell of dunk

no offence

just drunk


Now its time to watch a Toaster test vid

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i find your ability to comment bold at best. but in the kindest way possible. go away. your presence is not wanted nor is it welcome.


and for reference. im 18 a fully capable and competent ADULT. i made as many possible warnings against my actions and it is NOT for you to tell me what to do and infantalise me based on my actions.


I started my love for bodymods when I was 16 - the above advice is just silly, for no “supervised” teenager will be able to have implants and needles as a hobby (unless you’ve got super cool parents^^).

I am usually more on the cautious side of this forum, but hell, it’s just a glass implant - if it gets in his way too much, he can easily remove it, and all is fine. And if not, it’s an experimental placement that might work. He was clear enough about how much of a “silly decision” it was, and so it’s just a nice try that might or might not work. :woman_shrugging:
Fine for me :wink:

edit: also, this


Of course you did, because you were young and naive (part of my point). The fact you don’t regret your actions doesn’t mean they were the right or inteligent things to do. Some people fail to learn from their own mistakes.

I’m sorry but you went against the guidence / recommendations of this website and the documenation that accompanies the implants, going by your stupid actions (by your own words) and the fact you stated you were a teenager - I assumed you were a good bit younger than 18.

18 is still an age of which people can be inexperienced and make stupid decisions. Seeing as you’ve ignored the guidence of the documentation and this site in the past, I’m merely suggesting you start listening and learning and seek medical advice to sort out your blunders.

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