The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

@Satur9 did you ever get your iPhone vcard image to work?

So, we write a website which lists accurate information, then we use that as a reference for our article.

Then we get accused of plagiarism for quoting our own website.

I got crap once for saying something like “Severe Macaws can be rather beaky”… Somebody decided that the article should more accurately refer to Ara Severa as “Chestnut fronted macaws” and that the “beaky” comment was “meaningless”. Given I had just taken the page from a stub to a meaningful page with photographs of Severe Macaws, a description of the bird, their native habitat, and several reference websites, I thought that they were being overly critical of work that they hadn’t done.

That was the last time that I tried to do any serious editing on Wikipedia.

Amusingly the article they linked didn’t even mention or guess at what caused the failure. It was just described as getting weaker over time.

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Unfortunately, for some reason, Some people often find it easier to criticize and complain rather than to complement and commend :man_shrugging:

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Whats going on? :smiley: Triple Upload


That’s awesome! I want a third thumb now. But I also wonder how often they hit the prosthetic thumb on things in their environment similar to a pinky toe on furniture… I also imagine ordering custom made gloves. Other person: “You need a thumb on both sides???”

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I’m a dumbass, that’s what’s going on hahah


Just going to put it out there but I actually miss @anon3825968. We didn’t interact a bunch but I enjoyed reading his posts and nodding from afar.


You are not the only one.


Same here, obviously. Hope he’s still lurking around…

edit: totally not planned as advertising, but has anyone of you tried out It’s a place to buy steam codes and it looks relatively okay, but before trying it out I’d like to know if they are “mostly” legit… just have to get around a stupid german region-lock :grimacing:

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AFAIK most of these sites use stolen credit cards to buy game keys, I avoid them. I cant believe steam actually sells such keys in bulk for that cheap…

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A friend was trying to get me to use it… idk concept seemed vaguely sketchy and from what I read above sounds like my gut feeling was maybe right

I spent a few minutes searching the forum for news about him passing away. Good to hear I just misread your post. [Insert whatever emoji signifies “whew”]

AFAIK he didn’t die. He probably just got tired of all the snowflakes (even though most have fled to the Discord). I’m sure he’ll be back in a few months whenever new chips drop. So far he’s got everything he cares to out of DT


I gotchu a prime quality ASMR video of an overweight middle-aged dude writing code on a sweet sweet mechanical keyboard ibn his transformers up on my OnlyFriends. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t get asmr

Is it just non sexual sound porn?

Who ever said it’s not sexual?

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It’s a certain feeling that not everyone gets, triggered by certain sounds. It’s like goosebumps down the back of your head. Really enjoyable. I enjoy it occasionally, have since I was a little kid (before the term ASMR was coined).

Some people make it a bit too weird, though.

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