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I disagree with both of you. Many people I don’t care about have a place in my life. I don’t care about all of the people I work with. I don’t ignore them either. I do my best to fulfill their requests, and then move onto the next one. The people I care about get to jump the line.

Sure I am talking about work, not personal life.

Personal life, there I get to ignore the ones that I don’t care about.

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ok just an innocent question… who can make it to Iceland some time next year?

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2022 in Iceland?

But which one?


Ha, I planned on flying this year, but Covid fucked that up…
So, maaaaybe yes?

You got it backwards

It’s not people YOU don’t care about

It’s people who don’t care about YOU

People who willfully pay no consideration to you or how something might affect you

Ungh, I’m going to Iceland this year!

You’ve met some of the analysts I work with then?

How would you describe someone who pages you at 10pm, without an incident, on a Friday night, when you are not on-call, and half way through a bottle of beer?

Probably higher that family members who know abuse you’ve suffered and still elect to sing the praises of the abuser to you

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More seriously, it would depend when. I HAVE to go to the UK in the next 18 months (my mum is getting older) and I will probably stop off in the Netherlands to visit a friend headed one way or the other. So if the stars align I could probably stop in Iceland too.

They are not worthy of your consideration, so just ignore them.

If they ask why send them to me so I can explain it to them.

I have a colleague who loves to page me at 3am or call me drunk while partying at 2am :stuck_out_tongue:
Okay, more a friend than a colleague, and it usually leads to pretty funny chats - him being not really sober and me being not really awake :smile:

@amal so, what are you planning with iceland? Now I’m curious!

Oh don’t worry, they are now aware that I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire

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We meet by the frozen pizza.

That is more acceptable, some of my friends are (or were) colleagues from work. This was someone, who can be very demanding, paging me to do some work. If they had opened an incident, called the on-call and they had escalated to me I wouldn’t have had a problem. They skipped the whole other bit and paged me directly.

I heard they have incredible icecream there :wink:
I plan on doing a trip around the island, pet some wonderful horses, be impressed by the landscape and maybe get some handpoked tattoos…
Unfortunatly, my beloved one told my ex-friend about my plans, and now he wants to accompany me - he’s a really nice guy, but after some hours, he tends to get on my nerves… so, two weeks with him? Daaaaamn…^^

Agree, that’s definitely not okay.

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Iceland is also the name of a chain of frozen food shops in the UK. I don’t think their ice cream is particularly special.

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Did you read about those payment terminal attacks? I dont know much about it yet except that there were some simple buffer overflows somewhere down the communication. Gotta read it later, I’ve just seen a german summary.

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None of the articles are particularly detailed.

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I beg to differ. It is a very “speeeeecial” kind of special. :nauseated_face: