The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Well nothing… well, I mean… yeah … nothing.

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You are aware of the fact that nobody here believes you when you say you have “nothing” planned, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


a big cyborg meeting on a glacier? Testing new chips in vivo in a volcano lake? Establishing the church of transhumanism in one of the more religiously tolerant countries?


Sounds like a good American tax dodge to me.


Yeah, we already had that topic here some time ago…^^
I think we agreed on not agreeing about stuff, but I still think the name would be problematic :wink:

Nope… nothing… yet… but just might maybe be looking into putting together an IRL DT party after all this quarantine.


I’d be willing to go to iceland for that :partying_face: :beers:


Would you also pay a little ticket fee too? Gotta fund something like that. Iceland is pretty well positioned between the US and EU and it’s even ok for the downunders to get to vs Seattle

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Sure thing, wouldn’t mind paying for such an event! Then people have to party extra hard to get their money’s worth :joy:

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I really like that idea! Guess it will be happening in Reykjavík? Do you want to use the northern lights or the midnight sun as a public attraction? :wink:

Sure that!

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Dunno yet… just feeling this out at the moment… but probably Reykjavik… probably.

I guess Reykjavík is the easiest to reach place on Iceland for international visitors, since all international flights land there…
With enough time to plan, it’s relatively cheap to get there from Germany, so I might even just go there for a cyborg-y-weekend or so, if it’s not happening during the time of my main visit…

Count me in

When would that be - if it takes place?


Yeah 2022… but not sure exactly when… more research and waiting for Iceland to get fully vaccinated and then gotta check inbound requirements, quarantine, etc…


Seems interesting, might attend :slight_smile:

Any ideas for what you might want to do as part of this meetup?

we have a billion air miles and have been planning a trip there anyway, so i’ll most likely attend


Given enough time in advance, and if it happened during a time where college wasn’t in session, I would 100% be down. Just checked ticket prices. Not cheap by any means, but could definitely save up over a few months without too many problems.

Always wanted to visit Iceland.


If you can fly icelandair from JFK to Reykjavik you can get a round trip from under $500 (no checked bags).

Not particularly expensive.

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Yeah, it was looking ~$600 round trip total from Indianapolis International. Not bad.

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