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I hate hearing this argument, like cmon when you’re near a MRI someone with a scalpel cant be far…


That’s as maybe. But let’s not forget shall we: unlike some of you who enjoy that sort of thing, the less I get scalpeled open, the better I feel.


The only alternative for me was an ultrasound guided needle into my spine for precise contrast delivery.

Yeah, a scalpel is usually close.

I feel they would make you have an appointment to have a foreign item surgically removed. At least the one I work at would make you have it removed elsewhere.

This is why I’m ok with a lifting magnet in my arm but hesitant about a finger install

Much easier to get it out of my forearm with little hassle… less nerves and blood

A finger tip is going to be a lot more resistant to coming out and probably more painful

Plus it can’t just go back in easy later,

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They might not be far away, but unless they are scheduled in advance then they won’t necessarily have the facilities ready and one of the reasons for an MRI is that it allows seeing inside without opening you up and risking infection. Otherwise they could just knock you out and take a look every time you had an issue.

Here in the US, it’s common to have diagnostic imaging centers which are not inside hospitals… their independent imaging businesses that deal with x-rays and MRIs and ultrasounds… so there are actually no scalpels in the building… But yes removal is an easy solution.

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To be fair, I usually carry a Crane with a non-sterile #11 scalpel blade, but just because I have a scalpel doesn’t mean I want someone cutting my hand open. :unicorn_scared:

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Since I installed my xglo I’ve always carried a scalpel in my car and tbh I would not be afraid to use it if I had any doubt

For those of you playing along at home, but are in the dark :wink: about what the Devil he is taking about :wink:

To answer your questions




Doesn’t mean I don’t want one :stuck_out_tongue:


Until someone on the forum makes one again and Amal needs to give us a safer alternative :wink:


We’re quite safe then: nothing ever happens on Stephen Hawking’s dead body is probably more active than that forum.


I dont want to be safe, I want radioactive implants D:

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Easy: go chip some wood in Pripyat until you get a splinter :slight_smile:


Given that I was used by the Health Physics department at a nuclear physics lab as the control sample for monthly tritium testing for several employees several years after tritium was no longer used in that lab, I don’t blame you for carrying, and being willing to use a scalpel in that case.

I worked in the Health Physics department but had no known exposure to tritium. I also managed to keep my overall exposure below recordable limits (I wore a film badge, and followed the guidelines).

With a half life of 12.3 years are you sure? A glow in the dark resin might not be as bright now, but should remain equally bright over time.

Ask me about safe glowing implants… :wink:


I was actually wondering if Steve Haworths glow-in-the-dark silicone implants where safe :rofl:

I think they are - mine is a bit older than a year now, and I had zero problems with it.
Aaaaaand it’s not radioactive and not toxic, which is pretty nice as well :smile:


I am thinking about getting one after my Titan :sweat_smile:
How bright are they and how long does the glow last? I remember childhood glow-in-the-dark toys that barely lasted a minute and even my glow-in-the-dark sights on my shooty-shooty-bang-bang only last about 10mins

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