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One of my hobbies is hypermiling (when I drive, which isn’t often). My car is modified for that purpose, and cruise control isn’t even an option when I use my hypermiling gadgets.

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My dad has a medical implant in his back that stimulates his nerves to help with his sciatica. He has a little computer / battery thing that inductively charges his implant and allows him to program the intensity.

He’s also a little hard of hearing so he has Bluetooth headphones that he uses to watch tv. He found out that charging his implant causes interference with his tv ears. So he came up with a solution.

Modern problems require modern solutions.


That is a significant fault. Also, that looks like a late 2000s/early 2010s truck. seems a little strange they would give you that as a courtesy car rather than a newer vehicle they can try to sell you when you pick up your car. Its par for the course for Ford TBH.

My local mechanic has three older minivans that they use as loaner vehicles. They have varying amounts of things wrong with them… But they are better than no vehicle, and they are free.

I would imagine dealerships might have better loaners, but there are no new car dealers in my town.

That’s fair. I was just thinking about dealerships as I’ve never had a mechanic that had loaners.

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Yep it’s a mechanic not a dealer… greatful for anything that runs… just thought it was a crazy oversight in the cruise controls that I could stall the engine just be holding a button.


15 words per minute, while normal speech is about ten times that, and he has a vocabulary of 50 words. I suspect this will be used as proof by some of the I have been implanted people though.


One IR photo of the owner of a laptop and any RGB frame (of anything) and you can bypass windows hello authentication. :man_facepalming:

Yet they make it hard to use RFID authentication, presumably because it’s “too easy to clone”


That looks like a copy of the podcast. Here’s the original video: Future Grind Ep. 23 - Implanted Identity with Amal Graafstra - YouTube

I was very confused that I couldn’t leave a nice comment about it

oh, that person must have taken the vid.

im gonna edit my post and left the not original vid here

I was in my garden, i tryed out a pump that i dumpsterdived.

it has a BIIG (15x15x14cm) transformer on it, i plugged it in.

I instantly threw the thing away, and jumped some meters backwards.

the other person who was with me thought i got zapped, but it was just the sensation from all the magnets around my hand :open_mouth:

Turned out that the Secondary side of the Transformer was Shorted out :open_mouth:


my wizard senses are tingling


Good video: instructive, nicely done, useful, and for once, there’s not stupid cellphone involved.

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I just got fucked by my magnets.

I deleted the contents on my parking ticket.

That was expensive damn…


Sounds like their problem, not yours. I would be honest and offer what I owe, but not a penny (or 5c euro or w/e yall use now) more because their system failed.

Else there would be a lot of “broke” tickets.

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They wanted a day charge. H is 3,50€

I was there less then 1,5h


I was speaking with Thema through a crappy Automat, nobody was there, it was ging to a Callcenter somewhere…

To be fair there is usually a notice to the effect that lost tickets will be charged the day rate. Otherwise people could “lose” their ticket and just pay a lower amount for a full days parking.

Still, it sucks that they don’t print something on the ticket (like entry time) in case you do accidentally wipe the magnetic stripe.

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This is one of the 3 big reasons I don’t want a magnet implant - the other two being attracting steel shards in my workshop and magnetizing all my tools and parts, and not being able to take an MRI.