The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Ok, next time I’ll tell it like it is… :laughing:

Obviously you are not the only one… someone paid $6,500 for this knife.

I need to find the auction listing of a knife my friend made, forged from an A10 gau-8 barrel


Also not wrong :rofl:

I have some really small ones here, and I absolutely love them - they are aesthetic, and thinking about how far they traveled and all that… I think it’s amazing.
I would really love some beautiful and unusual jewelry made out of meteorites, for I like those “Widmanstätten patterns”, but unfortunately those meteorites contain large amounts of nickel… so I couldn’t wear it on my skin directly. Otherwise, I’d really like to have a nice, tight collar made out of meteorite :star_struck:

And yep, a nice obsidian blade (without a mammoth handle, I think…) is on my nice-to-have-once-list as well :wink:


But honey, you yourself are made of star-stuff! Why would you feel the need to defile your star body with petty bits of space rocks? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know… and, you may smile about that, but that thought actually makes me feel connected to everything that exists, and that’s a really nice feeling sometimes :wink:

Well, unless I want to run around naked, I defile my star body with stuff that is much less interesting than space rocks :wink: Cotton and synthetics, some titanium, a bit of makeup and several care products… but, following your theory, this is all made of star-stuff as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t mind personally - at least weather allowing. I’m not too keen on getting booked as a pervo though. But by all means, be my guest :slight_smile:

If I ever manage to get up to the finnish woods, I’ll definitely think about that :wink:
But, I totally hate to feel cold, so…

might prevent me from running around naked in scandinavia :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem in Scandinavia is, when the weather is nice enough to run around stark-naked in the woods, the mosquitoes will take care of you. And then you’ll wish you had full-body clothes on.

But my house has mosquito nets - just thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you slap a DRO on it? Then you could switch ESU (European Silliness Units) at will.

Ah Yess! Feels good! :rofl:
Seriously though Rosco, think about the DRO. You could even build your own if you have the time.

Strangely, I’ve been wanting to build my own pistols for awhile. Double barreled percussion and take my time to get them incredibly nice. The inspiration is a description of a pair of pistols like that in one of the Horatio Hornblower books that I read (and re re re read). Never really shook the idea.

But it has to wait until I can get a decent shop together. I have all the tools to do it at work, but the large corporate organization would shit itself if I made anything remotely fire arm related there.

I vaguely remember a comment that “The midge was put on this earth to teach the mosquito how to do it properly.”

“It” presumably being the act of eating people alive.

Why would I pay silly money to install an electrically powered readout when I have perfectly fine natural-light-powered vernier scales? :slight_smile:

Actually I have a metric conversion kit from Hardinge in the Netherlands that I need to install. It’s just that standard doesn’t bother me enough to prompt me to install it.

You know what? I started out with digital everything - Super-expensive Mitutoyo calipers, digital machines (not mine)… the whole shebang. In the end, I prefer verniers. It’s simple and I relate to the reading better. It “speaks” to me. I know, it’s stupid and it makes no sense. But I like it better. I’ll admit presbyotia doesn’t make it terribly convenient if I misplace my reading glasses though :slight_smile:

I even have motors in that mill for the X and Y axes that I can hook a programmable 2D routing computer to. But somehow I never seem to need it: for simple curves, I simply work the handles by hand simultaneously and fine-tune the final curve with files - which is very quick and very precise when you’re a gunsmith used to work primarily with files. It’s quicker than programming the damn thing, taking the origins - then adjusting and cross-filing the shape in the end anyway.

I had an interesting thought today while dealing with a metric fastener. Given that the U.S. is mostly using imperial units, and the global world is mostly metric, how often are imperial units found “in the wild” in places like the EU or Australia?

I would assume that metrification happened sometime after the 60’s, so would classic cars and / or older machinery still be around that use imperial units?

Also, what about sockets? I’ve got 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" drive sockets in metric sizes, but I’ve never seen or heard of a socket with a metric drive size. Do Metric countries still use imperial sized socket drives?

Makes me wonder.

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I don’t think Britain had ever completed going metric. It certainly hadn’t by 2000.

But to confuse things even more a British pint is 20 fl oz, or 568ml while an American pint is 16 FL oz, or 473ml.

If you’re eagle eyed you will even see that one imperial fluid ounce is 0.961 US fluid ounce.

I was curious, so I looked on for a socket wrench.

In the description, it said “Antrieb: 6,3 mm / 1/4 Zoll” or “Drive: 6.3 mm / 1/4 in”. So I guess it’s still the same sizes, round imperial values, but sometimes described as a partial, unrounded metric values.

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Yep, but nobody cares what is on that end, it is only when you grab a socket to tighten or loosen a nut, to find out is is some shitty fraction of a measurement and exclaim.

“Fucken Americans”

Then you go and find the “just I case I need it for something socket”


Calculate 3/18th of some shit into something logical and simple


Find something pretty close and hope you don’t strip it



Yeah so we’re still not 100% metric. It’s funny because some places you buy 2l of milk others you buy 4pints now there close in size but there not the same. People get confused :sweat_smile:

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The UK is fully metric and has been for a long long time in many scientific and engineering fields, even before the official metrication program was complete - including, notably, the currency, something the US got right straightaway. So there…

Nowadays, modern Brits uses imperial pretty much only for road signs - which were deemed too costly to replace so they stayed - and customary use in everyday language (i.e. you go for a pint, but you officially buy 500 ml of milk at the store). Pretty much exactly the way I use standard that you guys give me so much flak for :slight_smile:

I dunno @anon3825968 … dev should know he’s Brit and even when I was there in 2018 for a few months I noticed odd imperial usage here and there that hung around like a vestigial appendage… trains using miles and stores having oz measurements for certain things that were definitely not American imports.