The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I both love you and hate you for that!!!
…i have decided, More love than hate

But thanks for sharing

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We didn’t fleece nobody. The suits in big companies probably knew it was all BS, but they loved to have something on the books for lawyers to chew on should anything happen. The diskette did serve a purpose.

We didn’t even hide the fact that it was simplistic. It was all ready-made and available. That was the main selling point.

yeah, a very fair and valid point.

did any result in a Jan 1, 1900?

This is a bit silly. Nothing happened precisely because of the tireless work of thousands, if not tens of thousands of programmers, primarily embedded developers.

The fact that nothing of note happened shows that their efforts were not in vein. It reminds me of how companies always tend to reduce the IT budgets of the best IT departments. “We never have any issues, why are we spending so much on IT?”. Not realizing the immense amount of work that has been going on underneath their noses. Or, yelling at a fire fighter after they finish putting out a fire. “Hey, my house isn’t burning! :angry: Why’d you spray all that water in there, ruining everything?”

Yes, it’s likely that the 2038 problem won’t be as big, but again, it’ll be due to the fact that programmers had the foresight to fix things earlier this time.

They’ve already switched precisely to fix the problem. The fact that fixes have already been implemented is again the result of tons of man hours of work, and shouldn’t be downplayed.

Also, Unix-based operating systems aren’t the only issue here. AFAIK, MySQL still doesn’t support post 2038 dates via functions like UNIX_TIMESTAMP(). Solutions have been proposed, but that’s going to be a decently large issue when the time comes. It’s also an example of the greater issue, with small pieces of software using their own timestamps.

Some good sources:

Something additional that’s purely anecdotal, I’ve got an old Toshiba T3100e/40 DOS laptop. It was formerly used as a laptop for a field reporter for the Associated Press, and still contained all of the original software, including the software to upload new articles to their central VAX. It had not been used since about '92. The CMOS battery is dead, and so it asks for the date on every boot. It only asks for two year digits, and it will not work with a year of 00-21. It will flat out refuse to accept the date. I’ve tried to force it, out of curiosity, and almost every piece of proprietary software breaks on it. It’s a good insight into a post-Y2K unprepared machine.

Nice that you found a way to profit from it, and to a certain extent, there was indeed a lot of fear mongering (such as toasters being sold as Y2K compatible), but that shouldn’t downplay the actual issue itself.

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As someone who was involved in mitigating the Y2K issue I am well experienced to boost my retirement fund by helping to provide Y2K38 mitigation expertise.


i am nice…

I like pancakes :pancakes:


Are we gonna have the pancakes vs waffles debate again?

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Waffles are still superior

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i am partial to cup cakes
and mushrooms

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I raise you the cupcake waffle

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a Pancake waffle?

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I have to disagree

You must still have not had a great waffle, it is a shame :pensive:

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I have a Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle maker and it really is good. My favourite so far is egg, sausage, mushroom, onion, sun dried tomato and feta. My wife prefers apple pie waffles.

As for batter, I use a pancake/waffle batter recipe from the tassajara bread book.

(I use the same batter to make pancakes and waffles with a regular waffle iron)


I think I’ve had plenty of amazing waffles I’m just more a fan of the texture of pancakes and the way they soak up the syrup.

I think this is the perfect middle ground

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I can agree to waffle pancakes

But, a great waffle can be made to any texture you want, though they do usually they differ from pancakes.
Also worth considering, most waffles nowadays in my experience are Belgian waffles, so if you base your opinion on that, you may be making a mistake, give a classic waffle maker a try, it’s a bit more pancake-y if you do it right
Waffles should meet or exceed your pancake standards if done right

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Im too impatient to wait for them to get done, so I just eat the raw dough.

So shape does not matters.


I fucken love this thread :heart:


Man, you are so missing out on so many additional textures, smells, and…

Now if you were talking chocolate chip peanut butter cookies then… No time to bake!