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If it is to be metric time then the entire point is to have a time base that is base 10. I propose the hours be 0 - 9 with a delimiter, then 00 - 99 for the seconds with of course 100 seconds being equal to one hour. divide it from there.

Although the French were prominent with the concept of 10 hour clocks, so it could be in France, however I think they are only 1 hour ahead (current time).

However it could be somewhere like Greenland, Iceland, Finland etc in summer with almost sunlight all the time…[pun] :sun_with_face: :mantelpiece_clock: so it could be the middle of the night…just a thought

The clock in question is a work of art outside the HF (Humanities) Building at the University of Bergen in Norway. Given that it is based on a 10 hour day, and is in Bergen even if this photo was taken on midsummer’s day it would have been over an hour after sunset, however they only have twilight so it is possible that they hadn’t just set the time to a random one.

I am still assuming local time as nothing on the artist’s or Universities websites states otherwise.

So, there is no need for guesswork as to the location of this clock anymore and another victory for OSINT.

(And yes, I proved myself wrong)

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I wonder what is about to drop, get ready to crack open your piggy banks :pig2:

I heard they were in very limited quantities so I may or may not have worn out my F5 key! Lol!

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we might make a mobile app called DT Drop that only monitors the announcements category for new posts and ringadings your phone like crazy … maybe… if we have time.


Close shave with the bike on my way to work this morning:

The bike is tail-happy at the best of times. The road was a bit too wet, I came in a bit too fast… I should know better after 50,000 miles, but I still get bitten every once in a while. At least this time it didn’t result in shell repair :slight_smile:

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Oops!!! Were there skid-marks on the inside of your bike also? :poop:

Funnily enough no: it’s happened to me so many times with different velos over the decades, when shit starts to go wrong, I just sit tight and wait for the bike to stop one way or the other :slight_smile:

I take it counter steering does not change the outcome?

It does, like on any vehicle. The problem is, it has a turning radius of 55 feet. The front wheels don’t turn very much. You can recover as long as the bike doesn’t get sideways too much. But as soon as the drifting angle exceeds the wheel’s maximum turning angle, it’s a goner. And it happens very, very fast.

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I particularly liked this bit…

with a voltage roughly the same as an AAA battery (albeit with far lower actual current flow).

Given that the current is usually pretty important this is a bit of an issue.


In case you missed it, you gotta watch this:

Deviant Ollam is such an awesome dude.


Nice share, extremely interesting to see him learn.

@DeviantOllam gettin some props on the forum :slight_smile:

@Pilgrimsmaster Guess what I just ordered!!


Awesome, and good luck with it.

let us know how you go

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my little desktop box went “WE GOT ONE!!!” and i knew it was you :slight_smile: