The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Hmm, something that gets rid of cigarette smoke might just cuts through my cycling funk. There’s nothing stickier than cigarette smoke - apart perhaps the smell of death and decay.

For the clothes, I would run a wash cycle with a long soak and extra rinse.

Put in a ton of vinegar.

The flexNT is trick:

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This is sad to read. I hope it kinda works its way to the desired spot before you have to uninstall it. Maybe all the movement helps with that?

It’s an exciting day! I’m trying to schedule installation for next week but my installer is really busy.


haha, looks like you need to get yourself on a standby list.
Ready to be pierced at a moments notice :needle_custom: :flex:

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Funny, I opened the forum in Links2 by mistake, and it actually renders surprisingly well:

I’m impressed by how gracefully Discourse downgrades to minimal, non-javascript mode. This piece of software is by far the best forum system, bar none.


This is kind of cool that we have this kind of tech in small devices now. I’m starting to imagine implants in the future, and you can go anywhere and still be connected.
The obvious downside of being able to be tracked no matter where you go on earth lmao

Did so many people agree to the community project agreement because it’s trendy? I can’t imagine half of the signers are going to actually contribute (although they might think they will). I for one wouldn’t sign any agreement unless I was sure it was in my best interest or it got me something I wanted.


That’s why I didn’t sign (yet)… though I really like the idea of all projects being basically open source. It’s a great thing, I just don’t have anything I could contribute except for things I wish for, without having any clue about how to achieve them :smile:
So, I’d happily buy stuff that glows or blinks, and if that north-sensing device you mentioned in the projects thread will ever come to life (in a safe and sane way…^^), a dream of mine would come true. So I can “contribute” hopes and dreams, but little “useful” stuff :wink:

And unicorns. Of course.


I like to think I have helped a little :sweat_smile: but yeah any effort I put towards making something for implantation is open because I want to help advance things.

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Well, hopefully I have already contributed some to two projects, even if only ideas and plans so far.

I thought about it, and waited until a project I thought I might be able to contribute to was posted, and then agreed.

I doubt I will implant either project, but I am waiting on a couple of parts for the next step or two. I think getting your power usage down for endochron is going to be tricky, but in the meantime when my i2c test card arrives I will try and get a digikey to work with that and a phone app (instead of an RTC) to display the time. Personally I can’t get much smaller component wise, but that might be sufficient to prove the concept and the software (and maybe even most of the hardware).

I was surprised by how many people have agreed, but I personally felt that I could (at least try and) contribute.

@Coma I think you have the right approach personally. Agree if and when you want to join a project, not just because you like the concept.

I did it because I want to pitch in on some projects and thought I would just get it out of the way.

I would venture a guess, that many have little to no self interest, only community growth and momentum, so it’s a no brainer
As far as WHAT they contribute, you never know what someone’s going to come up with… you know what happens when you assume

When you assume you are usually right? Isn’t that how it goes?

Or are you saying you make a donkey plum (ass-ume)? Whatever that is.

Ha nah I’m not making baseless assumptions. Where do you think all these unfinished community projects came from? Myself and other more hands-on biohackers have been trying to get more people involved for years. They usually disappear after the first few hurdles though.

I get it, life gets in the way. If you’re not passionate about it that’s your prerogative. I’m just tired of being disappointed by people coming in gung ho and then ghosting. If even 10% of the people who say their interested actually become involved in a project I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Well, Hopefully I won’t be included in that list, but if so, I apologize in advance.

(And wish I didn’t accidentally post before I am ready.)

I am currently waiting for a couple of parts, a vocore2 and an I2C test card. I’m not going to join in on the cardinal points project at the moment as I don’t have anything to contribute.

But if you feel that I could help then feel free to ask me. I have an MSc in Software Technology (basically Software Engineering) so that is where my, relevant, skills are strongest.

Okay… evaporative cooling is a real thing, but I never knew how painfully effective it could be when using a solution that readily evaporates like acetone does. I’m working outside in a slight breeze trying to extract some chips from a bulk of transponders and I think I gave my fingers frostbite. It’s like 65° f out here.

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I used hand sanitizer once before going outside
I forgot that it was -15°f at the time, that shit will wake you up

Well, the vocore2 arrived today and the I2C card should arrive on Thursday, so I can guess at some of the things I am going to be starting on this coming three day weekend.

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