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There you are :wink:


Do you tend to sleep on your back?
Did you sleep with your test device on?

Hopefully your back heals well without disturbing your sleep too much

Yes, I sleep almost exclusively on my back, and my back is starting to hurt like a mofo. I did try to sleep with my test device and it went fine: the pressure is very distributed, so it doesn’t really hurt, and the device sank into my flesh anyway.

It might prove to be quite a problem because you-know-what in a few days, and I might be required to stay in bed for extended periods of time, but I went for it anyway today, because what the hell…

By the way, the long-range readers read it through my tummy. Good thing I’m not too fat :slight_smile:

This is quite OT, but this thread is probably as good a place as any to ask I guess :slight_smile:

My bike is a velomobile. The cabin inside is not unlike a very close fitting coffin with pedals and a handlebar. It’s fully enclosed, and I sweat in it. The sweat collects at the bottom, and while there are drain holes and I try to wipe everything dry after each ride, sure enough those machines typically start stinking to high heaven in very short order.

There’s no way to get rid of the stink: it truly gets embedded in everything inside, even metal parts and all. And no amounts of Febreze, cleaning or keeping it open and aired up will get rid of it. Even my cycling clothes need to be put in the wash 2 or 3 times in a row to truly smell okay. But if I ride regularly enough, the stink gets replaced with “fresh stink” regularly and that keeps the overall stinkyness level at bay - if that makes any sense.

Now then, my velo has about 2,500 hours worth of accumulated sweat stink in it, and I have to quit riding it for a while. I know the stink will become absolutely revolting in a few days, and it’ll stay that way for about a year, until it gets replaced by the equally revolting stink of old cars that haven’t moved for a long time.

I’d like to spray some kind of bactericide inside to kill whatever germs have embedded themseves in all the surfaces before I lock it up in the shed. I thought of spraying diluted bleach, but I did some tests yesterday and I think it’ll damage the carbon fiber, rubber parts and the seat cover.

Anybody knows of a powerful bug-killing agent that would be safe in the long term on plastics and such?

The first thing that sprung to my mind is Dettol.
I think it would do everything you would want it to, HOWEVER, I have never tested it on plastics or carbonfibre.

I don’t have any in the house at the moment, to do any testing for you, I will grabsome next time I am out. I can test plastics,Although I dont think I have any carbon fibre…

There is an ingredient list in the link, so you could do some research as to the compatibility

Your Velo would end up smelling like a clean hospital

It looks like you could get it from Germany

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I think I might have seen that brand in our local store. I’ll have a look, I have to go do the groceries later anyway.

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Amal, I exflitrated the data from the not-quite-dead flexM1 and back into a regular magic Mifare card, and de-registered it from my other locks (strange to do the process in reverse :slight_smile:). So I’m done with it. Do you want it back for analysis of what happened to it? It’s been rinced and disinfected.

Or I can swing by the office and throw it under the microscope.

Either way… I’d love it back or you can post your microscope results… or both?

As for the bike what about simple isopropyl spray?

Yeah okay I’ll mail it back tomorrow. And I’ll throw it under the scope later today.

Isopropyl as in plain old ethanol? Does that work?

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Yep works great. 70% works best… 90% actually kills less bacteria

Oh right okay. I’ll try that. That’s safe, I know that for sure. Thanks!

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Sounds a bit retro, but I love to use soda (soda ash, not the lemonade…) on everything possible in my house… it cleans insanely good, removes all kinds of dirt and leaves behind a neutral smell, not like those heavily perfumed cleaners that are usually available.
It definitely kills most germs, though that depends on concentration, and you should really do some tests before to see if your velomobile likes it :wink:

edit: oh, and some people just put an open little bowl with soda in their fridge to remove smells, I’ve never tried that out, but it might be an idea just to leave one of those in your velomobile if you don’t use it for some time :woman_shrugging:

Soda is alkaline. It’s going to ruin all sorts of things.

Depends on the concentration, but yes, it’s alkaline. But like I said, I dilute it in enough water and clean everything with it, and it works just fine :wink:

It’s not a solution by itself but don’t forget that desiccant can go a long way

Might be worth looking into an ozone generator. My only experience was when one was used to get rid of smells from “a severe biological event” and you couldn’t tell anything had happened after a few days of it being used at the location.

Uuh yikes, I found the problem: There’s fluid ingress at the chip area, and one of the contact wires is badly corroded and has gone green. Sorry it’s not too obvious on the photographs, but it jumps at you when looking through the microscope with naked eyes:

I’ll be sending you that one back for sure :slight_smile:


Regarding the smells. The rental car market deals with this alot. You don’t just dispose of a car because one person did something insane like leaving a rancid burrito in it for a week. Apparently marijuanna legalization made the need 1000 times worse, cause it’s really hard to get rid of and people won’t rent a car that reeks like an old Cheech and Chong movie.

Their solution is an Odor Bomb.

Follow the link, or google Odor Bomb and see alot of options. You might also talk to a used car dealer, or a rental place.

+1 for odor bomb I used one in my civic (bought used and stank of cigarette smoke) one of these and no more stink.

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