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Thank you, I appreciated yours and found the response… Together they are even more impressive.

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We have a big guy that lives nearby. We see him pretty often considering we’re vampires and He’s nocturnal. I can probably grab a picture if I ever manage to grab my phone before he runs away.

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Heck, I know some humans like this, so maybe we aren’t so different after all. :rofl:

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It’s so strange how human being always compare animals to themselves, just to realize that animals are sooooo inferior… sigh.
It’s the same thing with those stupid intelligence comparisons - like, saying a dog is about as “intelligent” as a three year old child or such. Yeeeeeah… nope. It’s just impossible to compare. Every (well-socialized) dog is superior to a child in terms of social behaviour, but we define intelligence as “how good can you count”, or “how fast do you realize that a star-shaped object can’t be forced through a square-shaped hole” - I mean, why on earth should evolution grant this skill to any animal? It’s just of no use at all… We humans are just “general-purpose”-beings, in a way - we have an impressively wide range of abilities, but for almost every ability, there is some specialist animal that is far better than us. So, it’s a good idea to remain humble when looking at the world around us.
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”, and in that field, a lot of animals are true geniuses. We have no right to look down on any other being, human or not, just because it is different from us.

And for the poop-eating stuff - it sounds disgusting, but it makes sense. The gut flora is an incredibly important thing, and there are some experiments where it is transferred from a healthy person to a sick one, and there are promising results… so, not a bad idea, Mr. koala!


Step 1. Take a 5g sample in for testing.

Step 2. Mix in .09 NaCl at a specific ratio, (I can’t remember)

Step 3. Run it in the stomacher and Aliquot out 45 ml of poop soup into a tube with oil.

Step 4. Send it to be experimented on.

Ask me how I know. Ha

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… How do you know…?

At a crime scene sure, at borders / customs, maybe, maybe not.

If they take a RH thumbprint, they’re going to compare it to other RH thumbprints. It’d only work in specific circumstances, and only if the person / machine was working off of the assumption of which portion of the record to check against.

Also only works if you’re avoiding a connection to a previous fingerprinting.

For fun.

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If I recall correctly one of the last treatments they will try on a patient with recurrent case of C Diff is a Fecal microbiota transplant.

I’ve read a few things that suggest there’s possibly even more related to the fees transplants

Metabolism and even depression I believe seemed to be somehow related

I thought of this recently and I was wondering if you actually got a Titan installed there to test with?

I read a study once (and yes, I’m too lazy to look for it now…) where they bred a population of mice who were not afraid of cats - bad idea for mice, nice idea for science. They kept them alive for some time, and when they were grown up, they transferred their gut microbiome to “normal” mice - afterwards, those mice lost their natural fear of cats as well. So a possible relation to depression and other things might be plausible… there is still a lot of research to be done, but taking good care about your gut flora might be a pretty good idea :wink:

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Because I prepare…

There’s a good related south park episode…


Uhhh kinda like that.

So in the processing lab I don’t work in, they have one nicknamed “Big Bertha”

I mainly make mine in an anaerobic chamber. The smell isn’t really THAT bad. Just chew a piece of peppermint gun.

I also make only research ones, not regular ones.

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I don’t know of anyone who has a Titan in their tragus. When @NiamhAstra came to visit the east coast he convinced me to revive the tragus research. He got an old M31 prototype that had been spruced up by Cassox and Amal installed in his tragus.

I originally had an xG3v1 there, then I had it replaced with one of Cassox’s new pellucid double magnets. Then during this visit I had that switched out for what I thought was one of the original xG3v2s that were unlabeled (just said xG3). I was disappointed by the performance yet again. Now 2 months later looking through my stock I just realized that I actually had another xG3v1 put in my ear :sweat:.

Weellllll. I guess I’m going back to my installer so I can finish this testing once and for all. For Science.




So are you going to have the Xg3 V1 replaced with a V2? or maybe a Titan??

I’m reasonably confident a Titan won’t be worthwhile (by my standards) in the tragus based on leumas95’s experience with the m31 so far (similar size). The only avenue left for me is a much larger magnet like the xG3v2

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I think I’m missing the goal of a ear magnet. Care to cause my next ‘duh’ moment?

it makes magnetic things stick to your ear.

((did ya miss me??))