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"She owed us more poems"

the cheek of her leaving without giving all the poems she owed

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I lost my shit with the
“She had no horses but thought she did.”


For me it was “She had a sweet heart and married her high school.”

From Racter

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Jesus H. Christ on a corndog… I’m watching a Discovery Channel UK special on Flight 93, and not only did they not have the decency to give the onslaught of brain-dead advertisement a rest for the occasion, they managed to plug ads for Geico life insurance and Pure Cremation…

It’s beyond crass: it’s revolting.

It’s like an AI is picking the ads

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In lieu of flowers, send Brenda more life.

I can’t believe no one else has thought of that. Pure genius :rofl:

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So I was flipping through the badges and I noticed this one.

Nobody has ever acheived it, nor can I figure out a way to. Is the forum set up in such a way as to make it unacheivable?

Just curious. Mostly cause it’s the only badge that seems unacheivable, even if some of the others require major investment.

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I just removed it, so if there are any completionists, they won’t be getting heart palpitations about the badge being forever out of their reach


Wait till they discover new user of the month, on their 2nd month.


And wiki editor. I don’t think that one is achievable anymore, right?

My first month I did nothing but read and absorb everything I could. I didn’t want to join a community and just start asking questions.
I’m glad I wasn’t interested in badges…Or yes, that would bug me

I think “Regulars” can edit ( as long as the Wiki is not locked )

There is also “Read guidelines” which doesn’t seem to have a mechanism for achieving it.

I like how there appear to be two new user of the month every month.

I guess now that I know I can’t get that one I might as well give up… :laughing:

except for reading them :wink:

community guidelines

But that doesn’t actually give you the badge… I have read them. :confused:

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Hmmmmm, Did you scroll ALL the way to the bottom?


I checked and I have that badge, one of the first I got.

I think I simply read them but :man_shrugging:

Yes, I actually read them, plus the pages linked from them. It’s not particularly important, but it seems odd.

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Here’s the confirmation to what I said below