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There was a story years ago about a kid who punched 5318008 on his calculator in class and got expelled after the teacher saw it in reverse walking down the aisle, got her pants in a knot and reported the kid.

You gotta admit, she is impressively efficient with those implements at the end of her fingers.

I’ll never understand super-long nails - especially gluing them on on purpose. It looks like a self-inflicted disability to me.

I’m more worried about people with a willful deficiency of the brain than intentional deficiency of dexterity.


It is, and I really avoid them - but there are other self-inflicted disabilities I like a lot, for example high heels. No, they’re not practical at all. I can’t run with them, I deeply hate cobblestones, grass or drain covers, and I risk hurting myself if I do stupid stuff while wearing them.
But they’re beautiful, and I just like them. Same with corsets… or even jewelry, sometimes.
So I guess some / many people are willing to get a few disabilities if it fits their personal view of beauty :wink:

You hurt your feet just wearing them. But I agree…

Still, as much as I like tasteful high-heels on the right woman for them, I like barefooted women better. They’re even rarer than us barefoot men though…

Oh, there is quite a community for that! You’re definitely not alone with that taste :wink:

I know I do, that’s why I wear them rarely… in our house, I walk barefooted or just with socks, and at work I wear my dear leguano barfoot-shoes. That’s really great for my feet, and so they don’t kill me if I decide to wear my high heels for a night or so :wink:

The last time I wore “nice” shoes for the sake of wearing nice shoes and comfort be damned was a pair of black Italian pointy things i bought for my Dad’s funeral. It hurt more than hiking 20 miles with army boots and a backpack full of stones, which was actually quite fitting for a funeral.

I took the shoes off on my way out of the cemetary and gave them to a beggar who was sitting at the gate, and told him he could probably pawn them for cecil or two. They were brand new and really expensive.

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Yeah, that’s those one-occasion-clothes… it’s so stupid, but sometimes you just “have” to get them. And you made someone happy with the shoes, in the end :wink:
I decided to give the dress I had to buy for my friend’s wedding to a nice little secondhand shop - I wore it once, and I know I’ll never wear it again… I mean, it’s pastel pink… :smile:

You should have rented the dress.

True that…


I’m sorry that I watched that, I could literally feel my braincells dying.

“There is something I don’t understand in my bra, it must be for sex trafficking. And look, it doesn’t burn.”

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Agreed. In fact this is why I don’t like AR-15s or variants. Too swiss army knife.

Thought about them. Just don’t know if they can wrap their head around the idea that I DON’T want extra bells and whistles. Just a touch longer.

I don’t know if anybody saw this. This isn’t new by any means, and it isn’t an implant, but it is about DIY human augmentation (sort of). And Ben Krasnow being Ben Krasnow, it is a cold reality check on what’s truly achievable by a hacker with a decent workshop. In any case, as always with him, quite interesting:


I was just explaining the pre-decimal nightmare system to my girlfriend last night she was horrified.

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It’s all subjective. It depends on what you’re used to. She knows how to tell the time don’t she? Everybody on Earth is perfectly comfortable using a weird mix of decimal, sexagesimal and duodecimal systems to tell the time and nobody is particularly horrified by it. Yet it’s really no easier to use than the Lsd system if you think about it.

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Eh, i totally disagree. I think for money the fairly standard decimal system just makes more sense. Having foreigners ask what the hell a Ten Bob Note is must get exhausting.

Wouldn’t decimal time make more sense too?

Strangely Antiquarian booksellers were still pricing books in Guineas (£1.05) in the 1990’s. (I don’t know if they’ve stopped)

Until they produced new 5p and 10p coin designs in the 90’s the old ones were interchangable with shilling and florin coins and you would still get them in circulation from time to time.

I’m surprised Ben didn’t attempt at all to tune the coils to each other… but whatever, it worked.