The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Must… refrain… from making COVID jokes involving implants :slight_smile:

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That describes almost exactly what I had. 20 days of feeling miserable and exhausted even after sleeping 20 hours. I did have a sore throat and trouble breathing and completely lost my voice and was lightheaded a lot. But they did the nasal lobotomy thing in the drive through and it was negative and the anti body test was negative, even though I was in a small room with two people who went on to test positive ad develop full blown symptoms. My doctor thinks I probably got a very small viral load, enough to make me sick, not enough to show up on test or trigger anti bodies… woohoo I guess

More like nasal sodomy. The nurse was beyond rough. If I didn’t have cold-like symptoms in my nose, I do now…

I guess it’s the Finnish sisu: take it without saying a word, cuz that’s how it should be.

The drive through lady here was also so damn rough! It was a full on viking pillaging and plundering to my face. I think I whined more after that than after my flexmt install.

Good news!

Now I just need to figure out what the hell I’m sick from…


That is good news.
Well done @Rosco s antibodies :microbe:

Maybe you should search on WEB MD.
You probably have:
glaucoma, a dislocated pancreas, Jaundice, Gout, tourettes, appendicitis, syphilis and gangrene
or maybe just ME (Chronic fatigue syndrome)

Everybody should get medical diagnosis from The Internet or comedians!

You jest, but my physician did ask me if any of my “weird injections” were done in fully sanitary conditions. I said yes, and did not mention my very first implant - which I realized in retrospect, the piercer did with utter recklessness, as she retrieved the implant that had backed out with the needle from the biohazard bin, sprayed a bit of alcohol onto it and stuck it back into me - because it was done long before I started to feel sick.

The truth is, I think Amal is remote-controlling me. I’ll go buy a roll of tinfoil later today, see if my health improves a bit.

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You don’t want people knowing you are a part of the tin hat brigade, So maybe consider something more incognito :dark_sunglasses:

Maybe have Amal check to see if your anti-virus is up to date?


OTA? He might brick me :slight_smile:


Some bricks get a lot of mileage, thoughtenor (37)


Not sure where to put this, but saw a neat cosplay on reddit of cyber punk 2077.

Was curious if anyone thinks grinders will look like that in 50 years.


30 years ago, we were supposed to have flying cars in 2020. We got corona-crap instead.
I expect 2050 will be a more advanced version of the same old shit.


Yeah i don’t think people will change their minds and evolutionary reactions about how people look externally. Subcultures will exist, but not mainstream. Instead, tech like NeuraLink will get smaller and less obtrusive and augmentation companies will try very hard to hide their innovations so people won’t be able to tell you have any augs at all.

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That’s really great! Must have been a few hours to put this together… :wink:
And I like the style of the Maelstrom…

But no, I don’t think this will become anything near mainstream in the future… Most things will be pretty well hidden, like Amal said, to simply keep up with all those “social standards”. But I think it might go a similar way like bodymods… 20 years ago, piercings were still relatively unusual; today most of them are not. They’re not mainstream (at least not all of them), still, but people no longer freak out about them. I think in 50 years, it might be that way with chipping. Currently it is very experimental, unusual, people outside of the “scene” know little about them. I think in 50 years, they might be pretty common.

And for those who want to stay “outside of the mainstream” in 2070, there might be more advanced options, which might be more visible or risky or whatever…

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Can someone please link me either the post or the video of the person that recorded their flexNeXT implant process. I’ve been looking for way too long :joy:

Sadly, the thread has completely disappeared… I had the link, it no longer works

:pensive: dang. I needed to feel the cringe of watching the facia desperate again :joy:
Do you happen to remember who the OP was? I may message and ask for it personally

Hmmm, since this is the official-offtopic-thread… take a look at the documentation “Modify”. Might be nice for you (srsly, I love it^^).

OP was @Mariarangok

Thank you!