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Fixed that for you

Well not quite but close. What I had in mind was a magnet - possibly several - implanted next to a short range HF transponder, two willing guinea pigs (one of them being myself obviously), a couple of modified sex toys, and a custom piece of software to translate “action” on one side into stimulation on the other.

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Come to think of it, I do have an xG3 in my box of DT parts and a strategically-placed skin tunnel. I could try it myself. It’s just that after that, the xG3 won’t be sterile anymore and I have other plans for that guy…

I gotta find me a rod-shaped neodymium magnet…

I’m not remotely capable of building it…

But in theory it should be pretty easy to rig up an electro magnet to an arduino or something and make it output magnetic Info

Depending on the magnet control… It would be interesting to see if magnet user can detect and recognize a range of pulse frequencies

I seem to recall someone trying to build a high-power audio oscillator and coil to make magnets in their tragus vibrate and create audible audio with disappointing results. So perhaps not so easy. On the other hand, that was hardly contact range like what I have in mind. Hmm…

Yeah that’s one I’ll have to try myself with my own “hardware” I think.

Satur9 was one

Azithoth was another

I tested it with my Proxmark3 and if I do feel anything it is indistinguishable from a placebo. A double blind test would be needed.

As it happens I have a small 20W audio amp next to me. I could probably test that with the coil salvaged off of a hard drive actuator.

Kind of what I thought. Although a PM3 is hardly powerful enough for that purpose. A wall reader might be more suited, since those things generally put out quite a bit more power than a tabletop USB device. Still, I don’t expect it to work either. Thanks for trying!

You could simply try to bring your finger next to the speaker, crank up the volume and don earplugs :slight_smile: Although a working speaker coil is designed to not leak out a magnetic field as much as possible, but some of it does and it wouldn’t require you to dismantle anything.

I mean at the end of the day, being contact, I could simply buy electric sex toys. But someone the idea of stimulation from within me turns me on a lot more.

Well, scratch the hard drive actuator bit. I seem to have disposed of the old hard drive I was messing with. It just so happens hard drive actuators are 8 ohms so you can plug them directly into almost any amplifier and play sound out of them. I don’t recommend it however since it could damage the amp. My roommate has shown me on several occasions what happens when an amp without short circuit protection gets shorted. :boom:

Yeah yeah, please don’t destroy your gear over that idea!

And the voice coils on those newfangled SSD hard disks really suck :slight_smile:

It’s a throw around amp so no huge loss if something goes wrong. Also because of how it is built repair is just a matter of getting the replacement parts. The thing doesn’t even have a proper case.

You’re telling me :smiley: I do have a failed hard disk sitting right next to me but it has two problems for harvesting the coil. It is a helium filled disk so it is welded shut, and I still have to contact WD and see if I can get it RMA’d.

I do not feel LF fields with my titan finger.

Glad someone finally says it, I hate this “feature”.You even see the click numbers next to the autolinks, did anyone ever click on such a link?

Okay thanks for trying. Hmm bummer… Well scratch that then. Not literally of course :slight_smile:

I do: it’s always much quicker to find a plug link to get to the relevant web store page than navigating the web store site :slight_smile:

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It’s a useful feature but at the end of the day, we all end up at the DT store page nonetheless…

I’d like if Amal started selling a few locks and an access control system that’s more advanced than the XAC but I’m sure that running DT is hard enough as it is.


To be fair, it does have added value. Imagine you know nothing of implants (or rather, try to remember how clueless you were before you got your first one). You browse around, happen upon this forum, read about people talking about this-or-that in their body, you click on the link, and - magic - it’s something you can buy right now!

I wish I had found out how to go about getting an implant that easily when I got my first one. Instead, I had to do the research with beaucoup googling and a paranoia-level suspicion about who sells what and who seems serious. Had I found the DT forum and found easy links to legit products people use for real, I wouldn’t have created myself quite as many headaches before springing for the wrong vendor in the end anyway.

The problem with locks is that there are almost as many lock types as there are countries. Amal could sell a few US-style locks, but that’s a lot of inventory for a smaller market than the entire world - which is a small market to begin with as far as products for implantees go. Also, that’s not his core business. But you will notice that he does carry a few essentials that are universal, like - as you say - the xAC or the ACR122U.


George Takei talking about a DT implant:.

((CAPTCHA: The Apex will be out Soon :tm: ))

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Here’s the original article linked but I don’t know what George Takei said.

Thanks Zwack. I figured the cringey FB comment section was half the fun

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This is what I can see, apart from the people freaking out in the comments section…

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