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Hey, I just wanted to offer a bit of advice from my experience. I have a xG3 V1 in my middle finger and another one loose outside my body. If they are place like this “I I” parallel to each other, they have the best chance of interacting. With that orientation they interact at about an inch apart.

In my opinion if you place the V2 like this “_ _”, like you are planning, they would be even less likely to interact. I think 2 inches apart would be more than enough distance, but I’m not an expert. I’d definitely get a few other opinions first.

Definitely agreed. It should be fine in series lengthwise since they’re diametric.

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Ahh, that makes sense, (unless you had moved) my USA Georgraphy is not great, but I remember you being in Tenesse…
my voice for you has a Southern drawl/twang

“Well How Dee Y’ALL”

I am probably wrong, but that’s how you sound to me in my head anyway…
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Tell me I’m wrong


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Oh yeah!

I dare ya to flag me. In fact, I triple dog, with my fingers and eyes crossed, dare ya!!!

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Like googling Google or Dividing by Zero

Cat people will understand.

Power’s been out for 15 minutes now…


Why does that remind me of an old tweet from Bear Grylls…

Remember when Amazon Prime was 2 days, and you got nervous if they actually used both days?

I just ordered some common bearings, and 1/2 the order will be here in 2 weeks and I really think I couldn’t have gotten it faster anywhere else.

That’s a sure sign that things are fine

There isn’t any difference in shipping time whether you have a prime membership or not. the only difference is the services you have access to like some of their streaming services.

I’ve just had the weirdest implant application idea of all time. But for it to have any chance to work, I have a question for you Titan wearers (and possible xG3 wearers): can you sense the field a LF reader or a PM3 in LF mode puts out? How strongly? If you don’t have a LF reader, can you try bringing your finger close to a LF wall reader next time you see one?

It’s unlikely to produce any sensation, given that it’s 125 kHz and technically in the ultrasounds, but who knows. Perhaps it does something to sensing magnets.

Morse code to a magnet? Like your blinky camera set up?

Code be an interesting security idea…

Computer pulses a certain sequence and you enter it into the computer

By the way, this is an annoying forum feature: whenever you type a DT product name, Discourse auto-generate a link to the webshop and the preview pane automatically starts bitching that you you’re reposting a link someone else has already posted.


I have to click on ESC each and every time to shut the preview pane up. Or I can break the DT product name with an empty HTML tag to prevent Discourse from plugging the product in the first place, but then Amal don’t get no money.

I mean this is an intolerable first-world problem :slight_smile:

Haha, well yeah, I set it up to save myself from forever grabbing product links from the store when I was answering questions and it was to make it so easy for people to go to the DT store and make Amal rich…
There was logic to the function…

Well okay then, I’ll suffer any inconvenience to make Amal rich :slight_smile: