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I would add precision and efficiency to that list…

Not sure about this one… great comedian, but his private life was a bit complicated… and his girls a bit too young, I think.

But obviously, I meant the german austrian idiot with a tiny mustache^^

Precision yes, efficiency… well, not always. Bureaucracy makes a lot of things extremely inefficient here. But personally, I love efficiency at work, just because I’m a bit of a lazy bastard :wink:

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i was born in the southernst south of bavaria in one of the geographical highest villages in germany just some meters away from austrian border and lived there the most time of my life^

and well

the traditions and the lederhosen and the mentality of most people suck hard

I’m pretty sure that applies to the Austrian dude too.

Incidentally, he was German. He sort of naturalized himself by anschlussing the shit out of his native country. That’s one creative way of acquiring one’s desired nationality I guess.

That’s just a wonderful sentence :smile:
Yeah, he kinda ruined the reputation of two countries at once, that’s quite an accomplishment^^

Hell - I feel a bit sorry for you :wink:
The landscape in Bavaria is incredible, I really love the nature there, but most people I met there were a bit difficult… there is still a lot of tradition and conservativism going on. Guess if you fit in, it’s a great community. But people like us definitely don’t fit in there :wink:

I’m quite lucky - I live in the city with the lowest rating of our stupid right-wing idiots in the last election, and while it’s a bit boring here, I’m pretty happy with that^^

I was able to get my uv resin to work

I used a fraction of the amount if Ink I originally used to make it blacker

And it used one of the uv cure ovens I happen to use regularly at work

@darthdomo, what do you use for spot curing? I’m guessing I’ll need to get some kind of decently strong 405nm flashlight… or alternatively do the uv led strips in a paint can set up

Just trying to keep from spending a ton for something that’s just for accents

So I have an appointment in a little over 12 hours to get a xG3 and 2 xSIIDs installed. I had a local shop agree to install them. They seemed really excited for it. Assuming everything goes well, I plan on returning to them with any future plans.

If they were to be interested in becoming a partner and listed on the map, what would be the best way for them to reach out?

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I’m am not sure if this is still the current procedure but…maybe?

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Thank you!

I’m not sure how much they’ll be interested, but I’m going to mention it to them.

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When I moved to Finland, I installed a battery charger and interior heater inside my velomobile. To that end, I installed a DEFA socket on the bike and bought a bunch of DEFA cables to plug it to a regular wall outlet. Cuz you know… proprietary cables are so much better.

Yesterday I got an aftermarket engine block heater, battery heater and interior heater outfitted to my car (which I imported from Belgium and began its life without all that equipment). And of course, the garage installed a DEFA socket in the grille… not: they installed a Calix socket. I found that out this morning when I tried to plug my car in with my very nice, extra long DEFA cable.

What’s the difference you ask? DEFA is Norwegian while Calix is Swedish. They’re almost identical, just made to be incompatible with each other on purpose. And (I just measured both), they’re also clearly made incompatible in crucial areas so that nobody can design a hybrid plug.

The world is fucking stupid…

Imagine if the same shit happened in the world of RFID. We’d be pretty fucked right?


I would have hoped that they would use IEC sockets… But I know deep in my heart of course they don’t.

Them car sockets are supposed to be waterproof / dustproof or whatever. So IEC is right out. But they could at least have standardized around one type of plug, because obviously neither is better than the other one. But no… Of course not.


Looks like COVID-19 is officially on the way out: I just watched yet another ad for those stupid Peloton indoor bikes, and they’re $400 off now. I guess Peloton has realized the confinement money tree will soon lose its leaves.

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I figured it was because they are trying to raise money

Well duh. Peloton gear is rebranded el-cheapo home gym hardware with a TV tacked on, with an insane sticker price and equally overpriced subscription to a specialized Youtube channel. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that their treadmill chews through children.


Anyone know of a good installer near Tulsa?

Ooooo, exciting, a new implant…do you need a scalpel guy or a needle guy?

@PeachSqueezer may know of somebody in that neck of the woods but we haven’t seen him for a month…

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Not for me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll be waiting on the NT2 personally. But a friend down there asked. I’d imagine needle or flex needle since it would be their first

He’s within driving distance of Dallas Texas. That’s where Pineapple is located. O.K., so it’s 7.5 hours drive time :unamused:, but still doable.

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Finally pulled the trigger on the xg3v2 replacement for my v1 in my forearm

Long term I wonder if I could do 2x xg3v2 semi close

First would be close to elbow of forearm,
Thinking second would be 2-3” closer to wrist
Both parallel to arm bones, and In line with each other

So probably the best orientation for the least attraction to each other

I want 2x because I find myself attaching my Bluetooth earbuds to my arm… but the v1 just isn’t secure… if the v2 holds it better I’ll need a second to hold the other ear bud

Alternatively I could do a v2 mirror image on my other forearm… but I kinda like the idea of both together