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I think it would be super cool / fun / interesting to make a YouTube channel like the people that waterjet random things apart, or hydraulic press stuff

But X-ray all of the things

But buying a X-ray machine, and not radiating yourself is probably makes it problematic

Pretty sure that waterjet thing exists… I swear I’ve seen lots of those vids online… probably a whole channel one would think.

I’m up for it. Let’s start a gofundme campaign to get a xray machine!

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theyre saying someone similar to that waterjet channel, but for x-raying things :slight_smile:



Yea, I would X-ray anything and everything…

Like imagine an moving X-ray of a furby laughing
(Stuff of nightmare lol)

The people who are super into silencers have a running thread if xrays of various models comparing internals and whatnot


I’m searching e-bay for old xray heads:D

also humanity would be solved.

Yeah… guess I approve those laws.

You can google Hugh Turvay and Nick Veasey for inspiration.

Here’s an idea, is it unethical to chip your kids? Where’s the line for an acceptable age? The numbing gel requires a person to be at least 100lbs, maybe that’s the line?

Ethics on kids is the same for anything… 1) are you forcing them or do they want to do it, 2) are you causing them any physical danger or undue risk?

With 1, it seems fairly self-explanatory… and with 2, if your kid is old enough to explain why they want a chip and their plans for it, then theoretically their bodies should be big enough that you’re not going to cause undue scarring or physical risk allowing a professional to install one.

Both are subjective of course so to each their own, but if my kid asked to get one and could explain why they wanted one and offer some technical detail as to what they were going to do with it, I’d be ok with it… but my partner disagrees and says 18 is the age minimum for our kids… ¯\(ツ)


I showed my kid the needle and he was like nope! Lol. But that had me thinking about US laws and how kids don’t have a say in medical treatments or procedures.

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Hold up that may not be true, I could of sworn i read that before but upon trying to confirm it appears they do have the right to refuse medical procedures.

This is very important, I’m still regretting a bad decision that my mother took when I was 14 and it wasn’t even a body mod…

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That’s not sufficient. Plenty of kids want really dumb things, and it’s the parents’ legal duty to say no. Some of them cross into adulthood wanting the same dumb things, and sadly by then the parents are powerless, but at least they can’t be held legally responsible.

True, but if we don’t let them make mistakes they’ll never learn.

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Yes being a parent isn’t easy. Parents have to achieve the fine balance of keeping their little ones safe while not making them afraid of everything for life at the same time.

Yeah I had no idea what I was doing. The first kid was guinea pig. I think I’m doing better on the second one. :sweat_smile: