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I think nobody really does when they have a child for the first time :slight_smile:

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Is this a good place to add a link to This be the verse by Philip Larkin?

Right, but this isn’t a general question is specifically about getting a chip implant.

At the end of the day though it would really just depend on the child. I know several people as young as 12 that I think are capable of getting implanted. On the other hand, there’s several adults I could name that I doubt would be capable of making that decision for themselves. Trying to come up with a specific age where it becomes acceptable to chip someone is a futile exercise in my opinion.


Whatever the case, surly they’ll need enough hand mass to accommodate a foreign object as thick as a toothpick and 14mills long.



Then the better question might be: at what age is it safe to get implanted?

Of course it would depend on other things as well, but honestly I’m pretty curious about the answer to that one.

I think a minor is old enough to get an implant when…

  1. Their body needs to be sufficiently capable of holding the implant.
  2. They can justify it to their legal guardians.
  3. Both their legal guardians agree that they can.

I think that the answer for when that is is different in every case.

cough Circumcision genital mutilation :scissors: :mushroom: cough


I mean, my toddler could fit implants in her hand, no problem.

This! Don’t get me wrong it is nowhere near as damaging as FGM but when did cutting shit off of people become ok for non medical reasons?

Honestly is so fucked up the whole idea of that.

Same as getting babies ears pierced nope not until there old enough to understand what there asking.


Tradition of course.


Look, a funny joke is a funny joke. I am not mad, I was hoping they would be moved here.

Meh it’s fine :slight_smile: best to keep a pure thread pure :slight_smile:

Just know I ain’t mad and thought it was funny.

Me too :slight_smile: now it’s our secret.

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found my hand again :laughing:


Is this your hand???

The comment section is ridiculous.


no, not me.

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The mark of the beast comments are the most depressing IMHO.

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